12 Ways You Know Your Baby Loves You

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Babies can’t talk but their dimpled, gummy grins say a thousand words. And that adoring look in their eyes! Until your little heartbreaker can actually say “I love you,” here are 10 ways you know it’s true.

1. He sucks on your face, but refrains from leaving teeth marks.baby-face-suck

photo: Liza via flickr

2. She finds her thumb on car rides.


photo: Shari via flickr

3. He sleeps on the red eye from Seattle to New York.


photo: Scott & Elaine van der Chijs via flickr

4. You make it through an entire puree lunch with a clean bib … score!


photo: mliu92 via flickr

5. He happily takes a feeding from dad, grandma, the babysitter — giving you the break you deserve.


photo: Christopher, Tania and Isab via flickr

6. His feet start kicking hard when you enter the room.


photo: Liz Mc via flickr

7. He lets you — and only you — get the gunk out of his nose.


photo: Jason White via flickr

8. She smiles in her sleep. Then when she wakes and sees you in the morning she gives you the exact same smile.

photo: Rachel Titiriga via flickr

9. He bursts into tears if you close the bathroom door or try to use the bathroom alone.

photo: Kona Gallagher via flickr

10. Your silly faces are the only ones that coax out the big belly laughs.


photo: Harsha K R via flickr

11. She rests her head on your shoulder during a lullaby.


photo: Juan Camilo Trujillo via flickr

12. He finally looks at you and calls you “mama” or “papa.” And it’s more than just a noise — it’s your name!


photo: Toshimasa Ishibashi via flickr

What do YOU think are signs that your baby loves you? Tell us in the Comments!

— Shelley Massey, Meghan Rose, Kristina Moy, Ayren Jackson-Cannady, Leah Singer, Laura Rodde, Ruby Germain, Kelly Aiglon, Julie Seguss & Christal Yuen

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