There’s nothing like a family road trip to get everyone excited to check out another area of the country. For your next adventure, up your road trip game with a camper van rental from GoCamp. We checked out the “Airbnb of camper vans” for ourselves and would totally recommend it for your next family camping weekend, especially with fall camping on the horizon. It comes with all the gear you need, plus a comfy spot to sleep away from the bugs. You’re going to love it!

1. Your GoCamp van comes with everything you need.

Kate Loweth

Gone are the days of packing a car full of gear for your next camping trip. GoCamp vans come with literally everything you need to cook, wash dishes and enjoy the campfire. In addition to the sink, our van had a solar-charged Yeti cooler and all the cooking gear needed to make some mean camping tacos. Pots, pans, a camp stove with propane, a French press for the all-important coffee, and place settings for four people were all included. The van's owner even let us use some of his camp chairs. All we had to bring was our clothes, sleeping bags for the kids, some food, and some firewood. That's it! 

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2. The interior is your mini kitchen on the road.

interior of a camper van
Kate Loweth

The main drag of the family road trip is arguably the constant dining out. The GoCamp vans save you the aggravation (and funds) that requires by bringing your kitchen with you. While all the rigs are set up slightly differently, our Sprinter van had a pump-powered sink where we could wash dishes and an indoor area if we needed to cook out of the elements. It also came with a folding table to set up a kitchen outdoors.  

Bedding for the lower mattress was provided and the kids in the upper bunk brought their sleeping bags to make it easy. Sleeping in the Sprinter van was actually quite comfortable, much better than the usual camping sleep that's for sure! 

3. A camper van will have you sleeping in style.

Kate Loweth

There's something about bringing your bed with you that makes traveling in a GoCamp camper van especially epic. The GoCamp fleet of camper vans is anything but cookie-cutter. Scroll through their available rigs and you'll find everything from old-school Volkswagen Vanagons to Mercedes Sprinter vans. Different sleeping arrangements appeal to different families with some offering interior sleeping quarters and some roof-top popups or tents. The Sprinter van offers the largest option with seating for five and sleeping quarters (via a double bunk) for four. 

4. No RV spot needed.

Kate Loweth

Perhaps our favorite aspect of the GoCamp camping experience is that you don't need to search high and low for those high-demand RV campsites. A traditional campsite is plenty large enough to fit your camper van, your kids, and the gear. This gives you the flexibility to book your campsites as you go or try your luck at a first-come-first-served campsite. 

5. More time for hiking.

kids walking through trees at Point Reyes
Kate Loweth

An additional bonus comes when you arrive at your campsite and don't have to spend time finding a (hopefully) flat area and setting up your tent. Your all-weather sleeping quarters will keep everyone warm and happy, and you'll have more time to spend exploring your campground. 

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6. The ride is a part of the adventure.

camper van next to a field
Kate Loweth

We loved tooling around the Northern California coast on our recent GoCamp adventure because the van was so fun to drive and easy to maneuver. No blind spots or special parking spots were needed, the van could take us anywhere we wanted to go. The kids especially loved that our van was named "Vanica Patrick" and they enjoyed talking about our new friend Vanica all weekend long. 

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7. GoCamp is ready to kick off your next road trip adventure.

two boys on a tree stump while family camping
Kate Loweth

Your GoCamp rental comes with 125 miles per day included in your rental (with additional miles incurring an additional charge). Rentals range from $105-250/night and are a minimum of three or four days depending on the season. Check the rent-a-van page for current availability and see if there's availability near you. 

GoCamp Camper Vans

Editor’s note: This rental was provided by GoCamp but the opinions belong to the author. 

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