If you are like us, you are likely swimming in cardboard boxes. Fear not! There are loads of ways to get crafty with them from crafting them into Halloween costumes to turning them into amazing forts. Scroll through, find your favorite cardboard box crafts, and get that packing tape and scissors ready!

Cardboard Box Castle

Cardboard Box Snowman

Mini Foosball Game

Bullseye for Target Practice

Cardboard Box Rocket Ship

Cardboard Box Dinosaur

Mini Bunny Rabbit Put-Put

Whack-a-Rabbit Game

Cardboard Masks

Cardboard Box Craft for Soccer Fans

Cardboard Box House for Stuffies

Cardboard Dinosaur Hats

Cardboard Box Fort

Cardboard Box Car

Cardboard Box Pretend Play Safe

Cardboard Ocean World


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