17 Funny DIY Halloween Costumes You Can Make with Amazon Boxes

a set of dice is a cute cardboard box Halloween costume Mandy Beyeler via Sugar Bee Crafts

From a DJ booth for the big kids to butterfly wings for the littles, you can use your old cardboard boxes to create these unique Halloween costumes

It’s that time of year! The weather has that autumn chill, everything is pumpkin-flavored (just look at TJ’s latest pumpkin offerings!), and the kids are buzzing with family costume ideas. Instead of breaking your budget on a store-bought costume, why not reuse those Amazon boxes you have stashed away? They’re called “boxtumes,” and with just a little crafty inspiration and your child’s imagination, you can create any number of cardboard box costumes that will make for a happy Halloween. Looking for some more DIY inspiration? Check out these Halloween crafts for kids, super-cool pumpkin carving stencils (your neighbors will flip!), and haunted Halloween decorations.

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Vending Machine

A girl has used a box to create a vending machine Halloween costume
Christy Palmer via Thrifty and Thriving

This is an easy, and great idea for using up all those boxes from Amazon! Just be warned— this cool costume could have other trick-or-treaters trying to get the candy to dispense. A Slinky, paint, and a few other items are all you’ll need to make your version of this tasty get-up. Head over to Thrifty and Thriving to get the entire tutorial.



A boy dressed up like a DJ booth using an old box
Kate Loweth

Snag a shirt from your favorite band, some headphones, and some chains and you'll be on your way to building a fantastic DJ costume. Use your box to make the turntable and grab a record from Goodwill. Super easy! 

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Mixtape & Rock Star

We love this sibling costume idea that has you cutting a mixtape and guitar out of boxes. Bonus: your kids can wear comfy clothes for the rest of the costume which means you'll definitely be winning at Halloween. 

An Order of Fries

A boy is dressed up for Halloween in a box costume that makes his look like french fries
Jen Allyson via The Project Girl

Yum! A fab nod at fast food, this French fry costume is purely adorable. Seriously. It goes from plain ol’ cardboard to a cool costume with just a few artsy steps. Get the full how-to from The Project Girl.

A Macaron

A girl is dressed up in a box for Halloween to look like a pink macron
Studio DIY

Oui, oui, your child is a fabulously French macaron. This scrumptious costume looks good enough to eat. Sadly, you can't, but it’s fun to create and your child will get a kick out of being their favorite dessert. Check out the design from Studio DIY.



Your little ones will love painting these Minecraft heads for their Halloween costumes this year. 

A Kid in a Box

A boy uses an Amazon box to create a Halloween costume
Kate Loweth

This illusion costume is super fun and easy to build. Just use a mask from last year and a hoodie to create the creature who is carrying you. Then you get to be carried in the box. Super fun! 

Paper Dolls

We love this creative option that would be super easy to cut out and decorate this Halloween! 



A little girl is dressed up for Halloween like an Xray using a cardboard box
Rachael Burgess

How cute is this little x-ray costume? Not only is the skeleton totally on point for Halloween, but have a sibling or a parent dress up as a doctor, and boom—it's a family costume. Find out how to make one with your Amazon box by heading over to Rachael Burgess

A Pair of Dice

Two girls are dressed in matching Halloween costumes made of cardboard that make them look like a pair of die
Mandy Beyeler via Sugar Bee Crafts

Try your luck at making a set of dice this Halloween. Perfect for twins or BFFs, one of the best things about this costume is that it doesn't take a ton of supplies to make. Get the tutorial over at Sugar Bee Crafts

A Daring Dino

A boy is dressed as a dragon for Halloween using a cardboard box
Liska Meyers via Adventure in a Box

Go Jurassic this Halloween with an adorable dinosaur cardboard box Halloween costume. Your kiddo can fit inside the box, making it easy to wear (in other words, no tight suits or itchy head coverings that your tot will surely refuse to even touch). And bonus, your kiddos can paint their dino any way they want. Get the full instructions from Adventure In a Box.



Get yourself some foil and craft a UFO out of those cardboard boxes for an out-of-this-world costume! 

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An Envelope

A girl is dressed up like a letter using a cardboard box
Studio DIY

Someone has mail. No, not email—a real letter that’s made from paper. Okay, so the letter isn’t exactly all paper and pen marks. It’s cardboard! With a box and some creativity, you can build your child a cute airmail costume. Get the details from Studio DIY.


Thomas the Train

Your preschooler can’t stop going on and on about his favorite little blue engine. He's totally into Thomas the Train and is begging (like every 30 seconds) for a costume that features his fave. Well, here’s where this costume from Little Red Window comes in. It’s artsy, fun, and something you can DIY at home.



You’ve seen Disney’s Planes something like a trillion times. And now your child wants to play one of the roles. For Halloween, that is. Don’t worry about finding a ready-made L’il Dipper costume at the mall (or online). Check out this cardboard box version from Desert Chica.


Cardboard Wings

Fairy wings made from a cardboard box are worn by a little girl for Halloween
The Sweetest Occasion

Whether it’s princesses, fairies, or butterflies that interest your child, this cardboard costume is absolutely everything. It’s super simple, but still artsy enough to get your creative kid into the crafty creation process. Learn how to turn your old boxes into a crown and beautiful butterfly wings over at The Sweetest Occasion.


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Fire Truck

A cardboard box is painting red to look like a fire engine and is worn by a little boy for Halloween
Repeat Crafter Me

You don’t have to keep the cardboard for the costume itself. This sweet firefighter outfit is easy to make—you can probably pick plenty of items from the dress-up bin to use. Here’s where the cardboard comes in. Use it to create the cutest fire truck wagon ever! Get the details from Repeat Crafter Me.





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