Celebrity Baby Quiz

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Since all the moms who work at Red Tricycle have young kids, we can’t help but be aware of which celebrities have children around the same age as our own. For our office Christmas party this year, we hosted a Celebrity Baby Quiz to see who could match the most babies with celeb parents. We had so much fun guessing, we thought we’d share the contest with you (hey, it’s a slow week).

To enter, post your answers in the comments below. We are looking for the name of at least one parent and the name of the child.

We’ll pick 2 winners – the first person to guess all 14 correctly, and then another random entry from all the submissions. Each will win a Red Tricycle kiddie tee.

PS – We intentionally made this difficult by 1. not giving you any names to match-up and 2. deliberately picking obscure photos, but we’re confident some Perez Hilton/People mag readers will prevail!


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