Check Out the Raddest Dads of the Internet

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Dads are winning internet hearts left and right this year! Some built, cooked and created impressive things for their kids. Others made us laugh with their jokes and antics. Here are the coolest dads that have made the internet a little more awesome. Happy Father’s Day!

This Dad Who Illustrated the Feels of Being a Single Parent

Being a single parent can be hard, but the emotions and love they have are equally as powerful. Check out this dad’s emotional drawings on his Facebook page.

13220790_1046279898778550_7993982025186797525_ophoto: Yannick Vicente via Facebook

Dad Who Built a RollerCoaster for His Kids

Who needs Disneyland when you’ve got Dad?

Self Proclaimed World’s Best Father

From hilarious to heartwarming, this talented dad has, much to our delight, kept up with his photo project for the last six years. That’s six years of happiness for us!

worlds-best-fatherphoto: World’s Best Father via Facebook

Dad Who Turns His Kids Adventures Into a Reality

All work and no play? More like work can become play! This awesome dad used his CGI skills to make his kid’s imagination a reality.


Dad Who Survived the Barfpocalypse

Just in case you don’t read the edit, the part about the police and breath analyzer is just dad’s way of trying to get mom’s attention.

Dad Who Shows That Baby-Life is Metal

Being a dad is hard work. Absolutely hardcore work.

dad-life-is-metalphoto: BrianReda via imgur

Dad Who Makes Awesome Pancakes

This talented dad reinforces the idea that breakfast should really be called best-fest.


Dad Who Becomes Batman

It’s every kid’s dream to become Batman, but when your dad IS Batman? There’s nothing cooler.

Dad Who Started Hair Class for Other Dads

Nothing makes our hearts go, “Aw” more than the Daddy Daughter Hair Factory. Started by Philippe Morgese, this community encourages dads to bond better with their daughters.

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Dad Who Makes Amazing Lunch Box Art

We can’t believe how on-point this lunchbox art is. We’re guessing dad’s a fan of the show?

lunchbox-dad-9photo: LunchBox Dad

Dad Who Waves at the Bus

This wonderful dad sends his kids off to school like it’s Halloween. Everyday.

merida-wave-dadphoto: Wave at the Bus

This Dad Who Creates Stories with His Son

Adventure and art in one. With the power of photoshop magic, Gabe Tomoiaga transforms his photo shoots with his son into storybook-worthy art.

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— Christal Yuen