25 Telltale Signs You’re a Proud Chicago Parent


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You know you’re a Chicago parent when. . .  you can’t resist reading this list. You for sure have a black parka in your closet, you’ve endured outdoor sporting events in weather so cold even penguins would be begging for layers and. . . wait, we can’t give them all away just yet! Curious? Read on.

1. Your baby’s wardrobe consists mostly of apparel from Chicago sports teams—but hardline loyalties are drawn between Cubs and White Sox.

2. No. 1 also applies to your pets. . . which, also have Chicago-sports-themed monikers (i.e. Wrigley, Benny, Kane, Tillman, Banks, Ditka—you get the point). 

3. You began debating private versus public schools and learned the meaning of magnet, cluster and charter when your child was in utero. 

4. The Starbucks baristas start making your drink as soon as you roll up in your black parka (we know you have one) with your stroller and Chicago-sports-apparel-wearing dog (that’s some version of a doodle) and know each of your kids by name.

5. Running through the fountain at Millennium Park counts as bath time—or any neighborhood splashpad, for that matter.

6. You’ve been brought to anxiety-induced tears trying to sign your kid up for the team they want for park district sports.

7. You don’t pack the family’s winter clothing away until July. . . just in case (and even then, you hold back a few winter essentials).

8. Even your three-year-old knows the Cubs likely have another 100 years, but he’s still hopeful.

9. Thankfully you’ve never needed them in an emergency, but you’ve spent a considerable amount of time hanging out at the fire department.



10. You’ve won something squeal-worthy at a Bump Club & Beyond event.

Kelly Aiglon

11. Your kid’s back-to-school photos have city dumpsters in the background.


12. MamaTribe means something to you and you’ve definitely fallen down a rabbit hole reading through Facebook post comments way past your bedtime. 

13. You signed up for the daycare waitlist as soon as the pregnancy test revealed a positive.

14. Your preschooler has taken more music, art and dance classes in three years than you have in your lifetime.

15. You’ve skipped dinner in favor of a shared sundae at Margie’s Candies.

16. Your school has an uber-cool, Insta-worthy mural painted on its facade. 

17. School playgrounds count as backyards if you live in a four-block radius.

18. Winters are so cold, you believe this could actually happen—or maybe your kid has even been successful and you’ve had to unstick their tongue from a pole. (Our Editor slowly raises her hand.)

19. Your child had noise-canceling headphones for Lollapalooza and Pitchfork before he could walk.

20. You drop your gym membership because you figure you’ve toned your biceps by dragging your stroller up the stairs to your front door.

21. You follow Chicago kindie-rockers like hippies followed the Grateful Dead. 

22. You’ve dressed your kid for all four seasons. . . in the same day.

23. You plan your summers around the street fest schedule.

24. Your kids have been taught that ketchup has no business being anywhere near a hot dog.

25. Indoor playspaces like Purple Monkey Playroom and Little Beans Cafe are your go-to spots for catching up on coffee and chats with your mom friends. 

— Written by Maria Chambers, Joanna Aaron, Tabitha Green, Selena Kohng, Samantha Lande, Heidi Moore & Kelly Aiglon


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