Chicago’s Makoshey Helps Kids Show Their Future-Voter Pride

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No doubt the high level of coverage surrounding the 2020 presidential campaigns has made kids curious about the voting process, and they’re likely getting lots of opinions thrown at them, directly and indirectly. If you need help navigating these tricky waters, we give ideas in our story Rock the Vote! 4 Ways to Teach Kids About Elections. Mom-owned Makoshey helps make the conversations fun with election-inspired clothing that’s comfortable and locally made. Read on learn how to purchase!

Educate Early and Often
They may be too young to vote, but it’s never to early to teach kids the importance and significance of their right to vote and how hard so many generations worked to secure and expand this right. The Future Voter T-Shirt is cozy, tagless and, just like all Makoshey-branded clothing, encourages kids to live a socially-conscious life.


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Don’t Forget to Add Stars
What’s cozier than a good pair of sweats? Uh, we can’t think of a thing. The comfort is that much more irresistible when they’re adorably stylish. The Be You Comfy Joggers Blue & Stars will have you wishing they made adult sizes. They come with a “Be you” message on the leg and they have the all-important pockets that are mandatory for most kids.


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Give a Nod to Susan B. Anthony
Susan B. Anthony was an outspoken, relentless advocate for women’s rights and an early leader of the movement to secure a women’s right to vote, declaring in 1875, “Independence is happiness”. The purple and gold colors of the Susan B. Anthony Suffragist T-Shirt are in honor of the use of these powerful colors in the suffrage movement, and the design is inspired by banners used by protestors of the time.


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A Note From Makoshey’s Founder, Kristen Flather
“As a mom raising three daughters, I believe strongly that they can do anything, be anything, and like anything.  Clothes are expressions of who we are, and so it is important that there are clothes out there for all girls. Makoshey (pronounced Mak-O-shay) is a clothing brand that makes clothes for active, independent girls ages 6-14 looking for a break from the trends of tight, short, pink, and sparkly.

Our t-shirts have unique and empowering designs and a super-soft feel.  We have three categories of tees: sports, power words, and inspiring quotes from historical women.  We are proud to print all our shirts right here in Chicago.”

— Maria Chambers

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