Great Wolf Lodge has been delivering howlin’ good times to Chicago since they opened two years ago, after more than a year of extensive renovations on a pre-existing structure in Gurnee. To ensure the safety of their pack and community during Covid-19, Great Wolf Lodge has shuttered their lodges until May 19, and have made it easy for families to cancel or adjust reservations. While they aren’t able to entertain your family in the hands-on way they’re accustomed to for now, they created tools to address the emotional and physical well-being of families who are sheltering-in-place. Read on for kitchen challenges, arts and crafts projects, science experiments and more!

Yoga as a Family

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Valeria Ushakova from Pexels

Logic may lead you to believe the tranquil nature of yoga isn't a match for the ants-in-their-pants lifestyle of a toddler. However, getting kids started in the calming practice of yoga early on is a great way to promote mindfulness and a healthy lifestyle. Great Wolf Lodge will take you through 14 different beginner poses you can do from the comfort of home utilizing a step-by-step video, along with a cute printable poster illustrating the poses. 

Find your yoga inspiration here!

Home-Based Scavenger Hunt

Caroline Hernandez via Unsplash

You don't need to go beyond your own backyard or the block you live on to create a scavenger hunt for kids. Make a list specific to your home, neighborhood, family memories or favorite spots and start the hunt! Great Wolf Lodge has created a how-to with ideas for things to add to your list.

Create your own scavenger hunt by starting here

Experiment with Eggs

Monserrat Soldú via Pexels

Do eggs bounce? You're likely to immediately say, "Uh, no." But a kid? Well, they'd want to think on that for a minute and maybe even test it out. Great Wolf Lodge is tapping their inner kid and saying, "Let's just see." And they're giving you a step-by-step guide to have science-y fun with eggs with your kids. 

To bounce an egg, click here

Simple Crafting

Gustavo Fring via Pexels

Do you remember making puppets as a kid using lunch-sized brown paper bags? Oh, the fun! Crafting with kids doesn't have to be complicated, and the supplies needed don't have to break the bank. Great Wolf Lodge is reminding you that everything required is already in your home, just take a look! Empty toilet paper rolls, construction paper, cereal boxes are all just masterpieces in waiting.

Find your crafting inspiration here

Soap Boat Water Race

Credit Szabojanos via Pixabay

Tap into your kid's natural curiosity and encourage them to ask questions, seek answers, and build confidence along the way. Using items you have around the house, you can race boats in the bathtub and gather science knowledge as you play!

Get started on your soap boat here

Make Grilled Cheese Shooters

Daria Obymaha via Pexels

There's just about no kid who doesn't love a good grilled cheese sandwich, and everyone's mom makes it best! Great Wolf Lodge is giving a twist on this favorite finger food with their grilled cheese shooter recipe. Enjoy the warm, gooey center and perfectly golden buttered bread dipped in tomato soup.

Fill your tummy with deliciousness after you click here

Wolf Paw Origami

Great Wolf Lodge

Visiting a zoo won't be happening anytime soon, but get your animal fix and an imagination boost by making Great Wolf Lodge-inspired wolf paw origami or monkey. They also give ideas for a sailboat to get your excited about summer travel (fingers crossed). 

Learn how to make origami here

Play Memory

Great Wolf Lodge

Oh, boy. This one might have your kids mentally running circles around you. A game of memory. Memory games can improve concentration, short-term memory and attention to detail—who couldn't use a little of that? Great Wolf Lodge created a printable memory game for some low-key educational fun at home. 

Test your memory here

Mini Pumpkin Cheesecakes

Great Wolf Lodge

Who says pumpkins are only for autumn? Not us! Great Wolf Lodge's culinary team created their own special no-bake cheesecake recipe with pumpkin as the star!

Say see-ya to the oven and no-bake your cheesecake by starting here

Kitchen Science Experiements

Great Wolf Lodge

Kids cannot get enough STEM! They love it, it's good for them and most of the time, they don't even realize they're actually learning. You don't need a home lab to encourage the budding scientist you have on your hands. Great Wolf Lodge created three mini science lessons you can do in 30 minutes or less. 

Encourage STEM learning early and often by clicking here

Find more ideas for family fun at home:

– Maria Chambers


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