Have a kid that likes to get in on the action, rather than jockey the sidelines? Invite your star and their biggest cheerleaders to do everything from rock climbing to circus acrobatics to indoor skydiving. Flip through our album for all the places you can burn big energy — and then come home to a calm (and clean) house.

So New It Shines: Naperville Yard (and Westmont Yard, too!)

Last year we welcomed a new party space in town - Naperville Yard (joining their sister location, Westmont Yard) - and we have two words for you that make this venue unique. Nerf Wars. What kid wouldn’t love a Nerf War party, right? While Nerf mischief between siblings happens on the regular, Naperville Yard takes the battle (and wartime cleanup) out of your house for the day with this $25-$50 party add-on. Besides providing the opportunity to launch an attack on friends, a party here includes access to a 5-level play structure, inflatables, field games, invitations, a party coordinator, goodie bags and more!

1607 Legacy Cir., Naperville
Online: napervilleyard.com

233 W. 63rd St., Westmont
Online: westmontyard.com

What’s your favorite place for a birthday party? Let us know in the Comments!

— Maria Chambers & Jen Peterson

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