Chips Ahoy! Sour Patch Kids Cookies Are the Perfect Mix of Sour and Sweet

Chips Ahoy! Sour Patch Kids

Get ready for the hottest collab of the year! Chips Ahoy! is leveling up. Next month, Chips Ahoy! Sour Patch Kids Inspired Limited Edition Cookies made with Sour Patch Kids-inspired candy pieces will be available at stores nationwide. 

Chips Ahoy! Sour Patch Kids

The delicious flavors of a Chips Ahoy! cookie when paired together with the flavors of Sour Patch Kids inspired sweet and sour candy pieces offers a unique combination that is unlike anything you’ve ever had before. It’s the flavor mashup of our dreams.

Chips Ahoy! Sour Patch Kids Limited Edition Cookies can be found on shelves beginning May 2020 retailing for $2.95. 

—Jennifer Swartvagher

Featured photo: Chips Ahoy!


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