We’ve all seen those sweet little milestone IG posts—but you haven’t seen any like this before. Chrissy Teigen’s new baby milestone photo is absolutely everything. And if you expect the pic to be of nine-month-old Miles—think again.

While technically Teigen did ‘gram one of these traditional baby pics of Miles, it’s another—and very similar—photo that’s gotten far more attention.

Along with Miles’ milestone, the mama also posted husband John Legend’s “milestone.” Like Miles, John is also pictured wearing a grey sweatsuit and sitting on a bed, surrounded by stuffed animals and children’s books. Just like his son Miles, Legend is also seated next to his very own chalkboard sign. But instead of announcing “I am 9 months” like Miles, Legend’s sign says, “I am 482 months.” Classic!

Each sign also includes what the boys love, like and don’t like. According to the pics, Miles loves his sister, toys with music noises and bath time. But he doesn’t like quinoa—not a surprise there. “Johnny” loves his family, peanut butter and chocolate and music.

Well played, Chrissy—well played indeed.

—Erica Loop

Featured photo: John Legend via Instagram



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