This 6-Year-Old Inspired an Entire School to Learn Sign Language

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Six-year-old Morey Belanger is an inspiration to an entire school. The kindergartner, who is the first deaf student at Dayton Consolidated School in Maine, helped the rest of her elementary to learn a new language—American Sign Language!

So how have things changed at Dayton Consolidated School since Morey’s arrival? Along with the students and teachers learning ASL, the school also installed a hearing assistive system and posted ASL signs in the building. Principal Kimberly Sampietro told CNN, “Morey—without even knowing it—has taught us so much.” Sampietro also added, “She has brought a culture to our building that we didn’t have before.”

Morey’s mom, Shannon Belanger, told Fox 5 News, ““It’s really surprising. I think we were really blown away by all the support that her classroom and other classes have given her.”

With all the hard work the students have put in, the school threw a celebration that starred a very special guest—a princess (Cinderella) who knows sign language. Sampietro said, to CNN, “We wanted to show our students that this isn’t something they can only speak with Morey.”

According to Fox 5 News, Belanger said she was “teary-eyed” as she watched Morey perform with the princess!

—Erica Loop

Featured photo: Dayton Consolidated School via Facebook



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