So how does this Costco magic work exactly?

You’ve just spent the afternoon filling your cart with gallon-sized tubs of Goldfish and towers of toilet paper—and now you’re starved. But the wait at the warehouse club snack line is waaaaaay too long. Well, now you’re in luck, because here’s how to skip the food court line at Costco!

Yep. You can actually skip the lengthy, looping line.

It all starts at the check-out, that is, the regular shopping check-out line. While at the register, simply order whatever yummy treats you want to nosh on. While you’re there at the register, go ahead and pay for that pizza, hot dogs (but not those Polish hot dogs), or any other menu items. And that’s it!

Then, just take your receipt from the register to the pickup area in the food court. Here’s where the skip-the-line part comes in: instead of having to wait with all the other exhausted Costco shoppers, just show your receipt and get your food.

Oh, but wait. That’s not the only skip-the-line hack we’ve got for you. Let’s say your kiddos are craving pizza—because when aren’t they? Instead of waiting until you’re done shopping, waiting in line and waiting for your pizza, call ahead. When you’re finished shopping, your pizza will be ready and waiting for you!

Best. Costco. Hack. Ever.




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