Costco Is Making a Pretty Huge Change & Shoppers Aren’t Having it

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Change is a good thing, but when news broke that Costco is changing its food court menu, it wasn’t exactly met with applause. The company announced last week that it’s revising its menu to include new items for health-conscious diners, but these changes come at a cost: the popular Polish hot dog is being slashed from the menu.

In its place, you can expect to find an organic burger, a plant-based protein salad and an açaí bowl––all things that actually sound pretty tasty and no doubt have far less calories. The change is a result of consistent customer feedback regarding the food court menu, per chief executive W. Craig Jelenik.

While the new items will prove to be far more helpful on the waistline, food court shoppers could care less. In fact, they’d do just about anything to bring the Polish dog back and they aren’t afraid to voice their opinion online.

All you have to do is scan the #Costco hashtag on Twitter to see that pretty much no one is happy about losing the Polish dog, even to a healthier option. And to be honest, when we think Costco, we aren’t dreaming of sitting down with a fruit bowl ,either.

Before you completely lose your mind, rest assured that Costco assures its loyal members that the regular hot dog and soda combo for $1.50 isn’t going anywhere. The menu item that’s a favorite for lunch goers everywhere has been around for decades and there’s no plans to do away with it—at least for now.

Just to be safe, you’d better head to your nearest Costco and eat all the Polish dogs you can stomach before they’re all gone!

––Karly Wood

Feature Image: Mike Mozart via Flickr


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