Costco Just Solved Your Gingerbread House Woes

Gingerbread House
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Building a gingerbread house is not a task suited for the fainthearted. If you make the dough from scratch, it will need to be refrigerated for hours before you can manage it. Even if you decide to pick up a store-bought kit, you still need to build the structure. By the time you get the walls to stand up on their own, there is royal icing everywhere. Even then, there’s no guarantee the house won’t collapse on itself. You may even be tempted to grab your glue gun to get the job done. 

Don’t fret! Costco has just released pre-built gingerbread houses as the answer to our holiday cookie woes.

These pre-built gingerbread house kits were spotted on Instagram by Costco Hidden Gems, and it seems that this is not the first time Costco had these stocked during the holiday season. They wrote, “The pre-built gingerbread houses are back at Costco! We love these and not having to deal with trying to sloppily build a stable structure!”

The kit includes a pre-made gingerbread house, assorted colorful candies, and a pre-made icing bag with a tip. All you need to do is pull the house out of the box and decorate. It’s that simple! 

Costco does not have further information about the kit available on it’s website, but Costco Hidden Gems states that it costs $9.99. That’s cheaper than buying all the ingredients and doing it yourself, plus you are saving yourself tons of time and frustration. 

—Jennifer Swartvagher

Featured Image: Snapwire via Pexels


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