Could This New Hair Dryer Actually Be the End of the Mom Bun?!

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We may love the “hair dryer” track on the White Noise album our kids listen to at bedtime, but that doesn’t mean we’re wild about the real thing waking them up at 6 a.m. If you’re tired of rocking the unwashed mom-bun, Dyson’s got a new solution.

Dyson is coming out with a lightweight and nearly silent hair dryer called Supersonic. It has a smaller motor than a traditional hair dryer, and it’s placed in the handle, closer to the hand, rather than the head. This means no more arm strain, and it’s healthier for your hair!

Check out this video for the full description:

Video: Dyson Hair via YouTube

The dryer costs a hefty $400, is it worth it? Tell us in the comments below!