If you’ve got a crew with spurs that jingle jangle jingle, then you’re in the market for a cowboy vacation. From open prairie to luxury ranches, we’ve found 11 places worth hopping along to. Click through the gallery to find your next home on the range.

Drowsy Water Ranch in Granby, Colorado

Colorado has no shortage of amazing cowboy destinations and resorts but we think the 700-acre ranch, located about 90 miles west of Denver, is one of the stars. With programs for kids of all ages, including the often overlooked under 5 crowd, there’s no shortage of action. Kids 6-13 can participate in the Rangerider program which is based around horseback riding. Kids learn not just riding skills but also care of horses along with other activities including swimming, hiking, archery, lassoing and more! For kids 5 and under, the Buckaroo program includes horseback rides, games, crafts and hikes. They can cater to individual needs like naps, baby feeding and diaper changes, and allow parents a few precious free hours to do their own thang: did someone say nap? And because it’s a family place, parents can of course do any of the kid’s activities alongside their kiddos. It’s also not far from Rocky Mountain National Park!

Drowsy Water Ranch
1454 Co Hwy 219
Granby, Co
Online: drowsywater.com

photo: Drowsy Water Ranch via Facebook 


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