“Mom, it’s crazy hair day tomorrow!” Raise your hand if you’ve ever heard those words and cringed! Whether it’s Red Ribbon Week, Halloween, Spirit Week, or just your kids’ school’s attempt at stressing out parents, wacky hair day tends to drive moms and dads crazy. But don’t stress: we’ve got some simple crazy hair ideas that don’t require tons of effort, but pack on the wow factor in a big way.

Crazy Pipe Cleaners

this crazy hair idea uses pipe cleaners
Karly Wood

Ok, parents, this is easy peasy. Grab pipe cleaners at your local craft store (we found these uber cool multi-color "fuzzy sticks" at Amazon), twist around a pencil, then stick in whatever style you want! For this crazy hair day idea, we opted for double buns with a few extra bobby pins and they lasted an entire dance class.

Googley-Eyed Monster


A little colored hair spray and two big googly eyes are all you need to catch this crazy hair day look. A quick trip to your local party store can knock both of these items off your list, too!

Colored Shampoo

Using washable dye is a good crazy hair day idea
Rock the Locks

If you're a parent who thinks ahead, this fun hair color from Rock the Locks is a kid-friendly way to add a pop of color! Lasting five to 15 shampoos you can use again and again and rest easy in this vegan and phthalates, sulfates, and parabens-free formula.

Grab a bottle from Amazon for $9!

Crazy Hair Day Idea: Cupcakes

One of the easiest crazy hair day ideas, all you need are two cupcake liners for this sweet look. Make two buns, then cut slits in the bottom of the liners before slipping over the bun.

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This crazy hair day idea is an octopus
One Creative Mommy

You can finally use all those pipe cleaners you've had lying around! Grab those plus a puffy ball and googly eyes, then add to a bun for a cute look that works for any crazy hair day. Head to One Creative Mommy for all the details.


LEGO Surfer Crazy Hair Day Idea

Make waves with this adorable ‘do for boys. Make that hair stand tall, add some blue, and don’t forget a few LEGO minifigs.

Shark-Infested Waters Crazy Hair Idea

Got a little shark lover? Grab some blue hair paint and one of their many plastic sharks to hook up this fun look.

The Prettiest Pumpkin for Wacky Hair Day

Perfect for Halloween, this pipe cleaner pumpkin is a quick style that definitely passes the wacky hair day test.

Little Mermaid Tail

Master braiders will love this fun hairstyle that incorporates Ariel! Braid your fave mermaid into the braid, then top it off with a little green hair spray to give that authentic “tail” look.

Christmas Tree

Paint the Moon

Ok, we admit this isn't the quickest crazy hair day idea, but it's definitely epic! If you're down for some hair dying, tree trimming antics then this amazing tutorial from Paint the Moon is for you!


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