Some pumpkins have all the luck. While your front porch masterpiece might not have all his triangles in the right place (why are three-sided shapes so difficult?), other squash out there will become amazing works of art. From classic spooks to grumpy old men and favorite movie characters, click through the slideshow below to find 12 wow-worthy masterpieces we scooped from around the web.

It’s a Small Squash After All

It’s hard to believe this colorful ode to It’s a Small World is even a pumpkin. The happy faces and sparkling costumes of the singing kiddos shine bright. Thanks to Amy via flickr for picking this out of a crowd at Disneyland.

photo: Amy via flickr creative commons

Which of these amazing pumpkins is your favorite? Let us know in the comments section below!

— Claire Shilling, Susie Foresman & Gabby Cullen

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