Cute Kid Calls 911 for Help With Homework

Addition, subtraction, long division are all really tough things to learn as kids. Even with work books and flashcards, sometimes the kiddos need a bit of extra help, which is why we encourage our little ones to ask for assistance when they need it. There’s no shame in that, right? Well, for one little guy he took his mom’s advice to heart and asked for help. The only slight problem is that instead of going to his teacher, he dialed 911. Take a listen to this voice recording of the patient phone operator and the little guy who just wants some help with his homework. Hint: be sure to listen to the very end where mom comes into the room and discovers who her little one is talking to on the phone!

What is the most outrageous (and memorable) thing your kids have done to take your advice to their literal little hearts?


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