This First Day of School Daddy-Daughter Video Will Make You Run for the Tissues

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Washington dad Kevin Scruggs did what many of us do—he sat his daughter down after her first day of kindergarten and asked how her day was. But the post-school first day discussions didn’t stop there. Scruggs continued to ‘interview’ Madison every year, for the next 13 years.

Not only did Scruggs interview his daughter on every first day from kindergarten through her senior year, but the dad caught all the childhood magic. Now that Madison is a senior and ready to graduate, Scruggs put the first days together into an absolutely aww-dorable (if not totally tear-jerking) video montage.

The video, which Scruggs recently posted on YouTube, already has more than 93,000 views. And this isn’t the first time the dedicated dad has posted a first-time time-warp type of clip. Scruggs posted a similar video of his eldest daughter Mackenzie back in 2017.

Scruggs recently told Good Morning America, “I thought it would be cool when they graduate to them to see their whole career in one short clip.” So what does Madison think of her dad’s efforts? The now-18-year-old told GMA, “I’m really appreciative of how much time my dad put into it, how much he loves us and how much he and my mom do for us.” Aww!

—Erica Loop

Featured photo: Kevin Scruggs via YouTube



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