This dad went viral for his elaborately themed school pick-up routines that parents love—and his kids almost definitely hate

When it’s school pick-up time, sure, you can just pull the family minivan into line with all the other cars and wait for your kids to hop in without making a scene. Or, you can follow in this dad’s footsteps and make the biggest scene—going viral, becoming beloved by parents across the internet, and giving your kids something to talk about in therapy for the rest of their lives.

A TikTok dad who goes by Wealthy Jev has been sharing his pick-up routines, which he elaborately themes and sets to music. Each one features a costume, a song, a dance, and plenty of cringe as both students and parents look on. Sometimes students cheer or dance along, but Jev’s daughter usually reacts the same way: by covering her face in abject shame. Mission accomplished, Dad.


Here’s a #throwback of some of my most #embarrassing #DaddyDaughterPickUp s 😳🤣🚙 I know my daughter @Reigny cant wait yo graduate 🤷🏾‍♂️ Which #parentpickup was your favorite? 🤔 #throwbackthursday

♬ 2 Legit 2 Quit (as made famous by MC Hammer) – DJ Masters United

He began posting the videos last year when he picked up his daughter, but for the new school year, he’s started including his son in the fun.


SCHOOLS BACK IN so you know we had to start it off with a BANG! My children didn’t see this #heyya coming 😳🤣 #parentpickup #embarassingdad

♬ Hey Ya! (My baby don’t mess around) – Outkast

Since the videos first started going viral (at which point we imagine he became a total legend at his kids’ schools), they’ve evolved into more of a group dance—just check out this one where his son’s whole football team joins in.


Heres a #flashback of one of my favorite #parentpickup s 😳🤣 The football team definitely passed the #vibecheck 🤣 My children not so much 😳 #fyp #embarrassingdad #dadsoftiktok

♬ original sound – Jevin Smith

Parents, you now know what to do 🫡

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