As we continue to hear about the victims of this week’s terrible school shooting at Robb Elementary, we are learning more about the beautiful people who have left us. In addition to the 19 children was fourth-grade teacher Eva Mireles, a wife and mother to a college graduate.

Adalynn Ruiz, Eva’s daughter, took to Twitter to share her heartbreaking tribute. Starting with the caption, “My sweet mommy, I will miss you forever,” Ruiz’s powerful reflection is one of awe, grief and disbelief.

She addresses her mother as “the half that makes me whole,” and goes on to call her a “hero,” her “best friend” and the “best mom anyone could ask for.”

Mireles’ daughter goes on to lovingly recall the mundane details of their everday life that she’ll now cherish forever. Things like listening to her mom use a funny voice talking to the family dogs, annoying her dad with TikToks, talking to her mom everyday after work and getting Mireles’ stamp of approval when she cooks chicken.

Ruiz’s tribute is extra painful because we know her mother took all of those amazing qualities with her into the classroom every day and shared them with her students. She wasn’t just a teacher; she was so much more—and now she’s a hero.

“You are so known by many now and I’m so happy that people know your name and that beautiful face of yours and they know what a hero looks like,” her daughter goes on to say. As proud of her as she is, at the end of the day, a daughter has lost her mother. She wraps up her tribute with a touching thank you.

“My heart will forever be broken. My best friend, my twin was taken from me. Thank you for loving me in the best ways and for raising me to become so strong.”


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