6 Kids’ Brunches You May Have Missed

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Brunch in D.C. is pretty much an institution. As singles we flitted to different cafés each weekend searching for bottomless mimosas and the perfect cup o’joe. As parents, “brunch” happens almost every day and often consists of an old granola bar we dug from the dregs of the diaper bag and a luke warm cup of day old coffee we nuked around 10:30 am after emerging from the bedroom jungles. Well Mama, swap your jammies for some real pants, throw on some makeup, grab your trendiest (err cleanest) bag, and prepare to take back brunch because we’ve rounded up the coolest, hippest, and kid-friendliest brunch spots this side of motherhood.

piola-pizzaPhoto: Piola via Facebook

Parents of older kids, and those with bottomless pits in place of stomachs take note: Piola offers unlimited pizza during weekend brunch. Unlimited, as in, as much as you and your hollow legged 10 year old can eat. So run, don’t walk, and indulge in classic Piola favorites like Carbonara, Margherita, and the Honolulu. They also offer bottomless mimosas, Bellini’s and plain ole’ Champagne (if there is such a thing) to remind you that you’re still a grown up…even when your brunch date (the best date you’ve ever had) has a milk moustache and his feet don’t reach the floor.

2208 14th St., NW (U Street)
Hours: Sat.-Sun., 11 am–3 pm
Online: piola.it

Ted’s Bulletin
Ted’s Bulletin may be responsible for D.C.’s love affair of brunch. Not only do they serve adult milkshakes (we’re in love with the Nutty Professor) but they have “Cinnamon Rolls as Big as Ya Head” and handmade pop-tarts. Little ones won’t be able to pry their eyes from the pastries in the front counter. But grab a table in the back, and kiddos can watch old movies like The Wizard of Oz and Shirley Temple marathons while chowing down.

1818 14th St., NW (Capitol Hill)
Hours: Brunch served daily
Online: tedsbulletin14thstreet.com

comet-ping-pongPhoto: Comet Ping Pong via Facebook

Comet Ping Pong
Table tennis fans should hustle their families to Comet Ping Pong where little ones can eat at a tabletop painted to look like a ping pong game. Shh, don’t tell them it’s fake. They can then work off their Sunrise Brunchie Pizza (ham, cheese and eggs) by trying to beat Mom and Dad at a rousing game of table tennis at the real digs in the back. Kiddos can rub shoulders with table tennis pros, play DJ at the throwback jukebox and dig into giant ice cream sundaes after they’ve practiced their chops and dead balls. Food Network junkies will get a kick out of the looping Diner’s Drive Ins and Dives episode featuring this local ping pong, brunch and pizza mecca.

5037 Connecticut Ave., NW (Chevy Chase)
Hours: Sat.-Sun., 11:30 am–3 pm
Online: cometpingpong.com

Jake’s American Grille
Jake’s American Grille might have the greatest family brunch invention ever—babysitters. That was not a typo; they really have babysitters during weekend brunch! Little ones can indulge in silver dollar pancakes or French toast sticks and then play till their hearts’ content. While you have an adult conversation that doesn’t have to revolve around diaper changes, preschool art and carpools. All the sitters are from local Montessori schools and will keep your munchkins busy with arts and crafts, cartoons, games, and even movies.

5018 Connecticut Ave., NW (Chevy Chase)
When: Sat.-Sun., 10 am–3 pm
Online: jakesdc.com

clementiine-restaurantPhoto: Clementine via Facebook

Clementine is every hipster parents’ dream restaurant—locally sourced produce, meat and a devotion to the farmers who grow our food – with a twist: an area devoted to kids! Tucked into the corner of the restaurant is a play area that will entertain even the pickiest of little ones. They have everything from dinosaurs to games, an art easel to books, and crayons to Legos. The vibe is uber relaxed and kids can happily play Jurassic Park after downing some French toast while you sit back and enjoy every bite of your veggie omelet with homemade hot sauce and revel in the peacefulness that occurs when children play with toys that aren’t theirs.

5402 Hartford Rd. (Baltimore, Md)
Hours: Sat.-Sun., 8:20 am–2:45 pm
Online: clementinebaltimore.com

Blue Ridge Grill
Not only will your little ones love the pancakes and French toast on the menu, but you’ll love the throwback to your childhood—Etch a Sketches at each table! Keeping kids full and entertained isn’t easy, but Blue Ridge Grill offers kiddos the chance to draw their own masterpieces while Mom and Dad enjoy a leisurely brunch of eggs benedict and country sausage.

955 Edwards Ferry Rd., NE (Leesburg, Va)
Hours: Sun., 10 am–3 pm
Online: brgrill.com

Does your family have a favorite brunch spot? Tell us about it in the comments section below.

—Hilary Riedemann

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