A well-blended cup of coffee is magical. Transformative, even. The perfect spot to sip your joe? That’s kid-friendly, to boot? Well, that’s downright utopic. If you’ve already found that little slice of shangri la, it can be hard to abandon it for something new. But hear us out; Sterling, Virginia’s Ridgetop Coffee & Tea isn’t kid-friendly in the here-is-a-handful-of-crayons-to-keep-kids-quiet kind of a way. This community-centered shop could easily double for an indoor play place. Yes, really!

Sip N’ Play
Here’s the scoop: The playroom at Ridgetop is designed for kids up to age 6 and boasts an indoor jungle gym, an indoor basketball hoop, a doll house, a kitchenette a special area designated for kids under two, and more. And the best part? It’s free (F-R-E-E). The entire space is enclosed by a glass wall, so Mom (or Dad) can keep an eye on Junior while actually carrying on an adult conversation. We love toddler-speak (kids really do say the darnedest things!), but sometimes you just want to be able to finish a sentence with a friend. Did you catch the part about the glass? You can keep an eye on your kiddos, but — truth be told — you can barely hear them (genius!).

Java Aficionados Rejoice
While the playroom is swoon-worthy, we should point out this is a bonafide coffee place with a local vibe; the coffee hails from Caffe Amouri, the tea from Dominion Tea, and the baked goods from Herndon’s Boutique Bakeshop.
  For tiny fingers, Ridgetop offers free cups of Cheerios. You’ll find tables large enough to accommodate big groups (and, if you ask, you can make use of their complimentary conference room), tiny tables for little ones and a section of sofas and chairs to relax over a puzzle or board game (this place is stocked with lots of games, puzzles, books and more).

Class is in Session
Ridgetop hosts a number of kid-centric activities, like Story Time for the six-and-under set and Activity Time for children in 3rd grade through 5th grade; be sure to check out the shop’s event calendar before going.

21631 Ridgetop Cir. (Sterling, Va)
Online: ridgetopcoffeeandtea.com

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–Meghan Meyers

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