Fancy Plates: The Best Fine Dining Restaurants That Love Kids

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Itching for a great culinary night out but want to make it more of a family affair (maybe a Mother’s Day adventure? You’re in luck. There are tons of great restaurants around the DMV that offer kid-friendly accommodations. Click through to discover some of our favorites.

Trummer’s on Main

Trummer’s on Main’s Petit Gourmand program is a kids' tasting menu created with the goal of offering families the opportunity to introduce younger guests to fine dining—glass cups, shiny silverware, and all—at a young age. Inspired by experiences dining with their own young sons, owners Stefan and Victoria Trummer say it’s a way for both parents to be able to enjoy a tasting menu with their kid, but also for kids to be able to get involved and eat real food. Move over nuggets; the Petit Gourmand menu has included dishes such as smoked mozzarella Fried Arancini with escabeche mayo for kid-friendly dipping and a Make Your Own Sundae with all of the usual fixins’ like Cap’n Crunch and chocolate syrup. 7134 Main St. (Clifton, Va) 703-266-1623 Online: <a target="_blank" href=""&gt; </a>fuck

—Ayren Jackson-Cannady and Kristina Messner



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