Of course you know the risky business involved with eating raw cookie dough (hello, bacteria from uncooked eggs!), but it’s sososo hard to resist…even just a tiny taste. Now, thanks to the opening of Sophie’s Dough, a gourmet edible cookie dough parlor in the Pentagon City Fashion Centre, you can have your double chocolate chip dough and eat it too!

Photo: Ayren Jackson-Cannady

Who’s genius idea was this?
Sophia Fellers, owner of Sophie’s Dough, always thought you should be able to enjoy cookie dough without the worry of getting sick. Touché. So, she tested and perfected a handful of recipes, and used her professional experience and Business degrees from George Mason University to open the first edible cookie dough shop in Northern Virginia and D.C. (it should be noted that there are a couple of cookie dough caterers and pop up shops in town, but Sophie’s is the first brick and mortar). Bonus points for being in a mall–for when carb loaded kids need to walk off some of that dough power before heading home.

Photo: Sophie’s Dough

What’s in the dough?
Sophie’s uses high quality ingredients to make dough from scratch daily at the shop. They use organic milk and brown sugar, heat treated flour (to kill bacteria) and NO eggs whatsoever. You and your family can confidently eat a little or a lot. The most popular flavors among cookie dough lovers of all ages are: Classic Cookie, Birthday Cake and Cookie Monster. You can get your dough in a variety of ways: scoops, sandwiches and milkshakes (yes, people). You can add a scoop of ice cream to your cookie dough or additional toppings. Scoops come in one, two and three. A single scoop is a good kid size serving, but if it can’t be eaten in one sitting, the dough stays delish for up to a week in the refrigerator.

Photo: Sophie’s Dough

Need a break from the sheet cake standby for the next party?
This sweet spot offers larger quantity special orders. One day notice is required, but you can order and pick up a fresh quart (approximately 10 servings) for $30 of whatever flavor you choose. Or, you can order a box of one dozen single scoops ( mix and match) $40.

Photo: Sophie’s Dough

What about a party for one?
For those times you just need to enjoy your cookie dough solo…while binge watching something on Netflix, Sophie’s also delivers scoops via Postmates. Drops mic.

Sophie’s Dough

1100 S Hayes St. (Arlington, Va)

Have you tried Sophie’s Dough yet? Share your thoughts in the comments. 

—Ayren Jackson-Cannady

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