Get ready to take your Taco Tuesday to a whole new level! From mini s’more tacos to apple pie and ice cream, these dessert tacos will leave you wishing Taco Tuesday was every day.

photo: Alana Jones-Mann

Sugar Cookie Tacos
These taco cookies by Alana Jones-Mann are super adorable and surprisingly easy to make. The dessert taco shells is made of a sugar cookie. Layer it with sour cream (buttercream), meat (brownie bits), chopped tomato (red candies) and lettuce and cheese (shredded coconut). Kick it up a notch and make dessert DIY with a taco bar.

photo: Chris Andre

Mini S’mores Tacos
What do you get when you combine a favorite camping food with a Mexican food favorite? S’mores tacos, of course! These mini tacos from Brit + Co are made with a graham cracker shell, brownie filling and a topped with toasty marshmallow. Couple this dessert with a backyard fire and camp fire tunes, and it doesn’t get much better than this!

photo: Crunchy Creamy Sweet

Peaches and Cream Taco Boats
This refreshing dessert is quick and easy, and will leave your family wanting to eat their fruit. Crunchy Creamy Sweet made the recipe simple by using store-bought mini taco boats. The cream cheese filling can be whipped up in minutes with cream cheese, vanilla, sugar and whipping cream. Then top with diced fresh peaches and dessert is served!

photo: Kaitlin Flannery

Mini Pancake Tacos
Whoever said tacos are only for dinner or dessert was mistaken. These mini pancake tacos from The Kitchn are sweet, light and perfect for breakfast. The taco shell is a light and thin pancake. Stuffed inside is Greek yogurt, fresh fruit and a drizzle of honey. Mini pancake tacos are the perfect dessert taco without the sweet guilt at the end of the meal.

photo: A Subtle Revelry

Ice Cream Sundae Tacos
I scream. You scream. We all scream for … tacos! These sweet tacos from A Subtle Revelry take everyone’s favorite ice cream sundae dessert and turn it into a sweet taco treat. The secret to making these tacos easy and adorable are the shells that are made with toaster waffles. Dab some honey on the edges, roll in sprinkles, fill with ice cream, top with a cherry, and you’ve got the makings for a sweet dessert in taco form.

photo: Kelsey Banfield 

Apple Pie Tacos
Who says fall desserts need to be all about apple pie? Kelsey Banfield’s apple pie tacos are a sweet dessert that is the perfect autumn treat. You’ll feel like you’re eating a slice of apple pie with this taco’s crispy cinnamon-sugar shell and fresh apples. Top the taco with whipped cream and caramel to give it an extra bite of sweetness.

How do you turn this traditional favorite into a tasty dessert treat?

—Leah R. Singer

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