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When it comes to birthday parties, a dinosaur-themed one is almost a right of passage for most parents. Hosting an unforgettable dinosaur party doesn’t need to be expensive or require high-design skills; just read on for super easy ideas to host the dino party of their dreams. And don’t forget to surprise them with the most fantastic gift: the stompin’, chompin’, dancin’ Squeakee the Balloon Dino!

1. Plan a Dino-Themed Fossil Dig

Kara’s Party Ideas

Make your tiny party-goers squeal with delight: just stuff tiny toy dinosaurs inside a few plastic balls or Easter eggs (we mean dino eggs!) and bury them in a ball pit for kids to find as part of the dig! 

2. Give the Most Epic Dinosaur Gift, Ever

Kara’s Party Ideas

Your little dino-lover has probably had their share of dino toys, so this year surprise them with Squeakee Dino. Part dino, part balloon animal and part breakdancer, this giant toy is a must-have for any dino lover. It has over 70 sounds and reactions, including chompin’, stompin’ and even dancin’! We promise he’ll be the hit of the party.

3. Eat Like a Dinosaur

Kara’s Party Ideas

Almost any food can become “dinosaur food” with some clever signage. Chicken wings can transform into Pterodactyl Wings; chips can be Dino Claws; veggies and dip can be Herbivore Snacks, and cut-up deli meats can easily be Carnivore’s Delight. Check out these Squeakee Dino printables to create your own labels. You don’t even need any design skills! 

4. Easy Dinosaur Cake

Kara’s Party Ideas

Bake up a classic birthday cake, cupcakes, or just buy some plain store-bought ones and add these cute Squeakee Dino cake toppers for the world’s easiest and cutest dinosaur cake. 

5. Get Crafty with Dino Eggs

Kids love dying eggs, and it doesn’t have to be Easter to try out this adorable at-home idea. Follow our tutorial to make an ordinary hard-boiled egg dinotastic. Bonus: you can eat the eggs! 

6. Have a Dinosaur Dance Party

Squeakee Dino actually breakdances when you put his headphones on! Cue up some music for the kids, pop on Squeakee’s headphones, and let the dance-off begin!

7. Play Prehistoric Tug Of War

Squeakee Dino loves a good game of Tug Of War with his Squeaker Toy. Have the kids line up to feed Squeakee Dino his squeaker bone, but be careful when he latches on and doesn’t want to let go. And if they squeeze the bone, Squeakee Dino might just come stompin’ towards them.

8. Color a Dinosaur

Print a cute dinosaur coloring page for the kids to color in themselves, either at the party or for them to take home.

9. Watch a Dino Movie

From Jurrasic Park to The Land Before Time, wind down the party with a kid-friendly dinosaur movie. Check out our list of the best dinosaur-themed movies for kids of any age. 

10. Say A Ferociously Friendly Thanks

Kara’s Party Ideas

Pull together some fun dino-themed packaged snacks and accessories and create these super cute party favors to give to your guests.  

Whether your little one is into Tyrannosaurus or Brontosaurus, they’ll love Squeakee the Balloon Dino! And don’t forget to download your Squeakee Dino party printables here.

-Amber Guetebier

Party styled by Kara’s Party Ideas 

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