This genius Halloween costume hack can go in so many directions

Elaborate costumes aren’t always comfortable for the tiniest of tots, so choosing a baby costume for Halloween that is no-fuss yet still adorable is the way to go. Get inspired by these adorable infant costumes that center around what your newborn is happiest wearing—a onesie! From a precious Poké Ball to a little loofah, these simple do-it-yourself costumes will have your baby Halloween-ready in no time.

Pokemon Poké Ball

a baby dressed as a poke ball for a roundup of easy costumes you can make with a onesie
Say Yes

If your baby’s got a big brother or sister who’s obsessed with Pokemon, this Poké Ball idea from Say Yes can be a great sibling costume—all you need is a red long-sleeved onesie, white pants, and some black-and-silver felt to fashion a belt. Make an easy Ash Ketchum look for your big (there’s a great one at and let them tote their little Poké Ball around the neighborhood to help catch ’em all!

Magic 8 Ball

Your baby is magic and so is this witty costume idea from And We Play. Start with a black onesie. Get the template designs for the “8” and the answer “outlook not good” here and strategically place the answer over the diaper area on your baby’s back. It’s, easy, comfy, and clever all in one!

Scuba Diver Baby

A black onesie gets transformed into a wetsuit in this easy-to-assemble scuba diver baby costume. Bonus: the accessories like swim goggles, a water or soda bottle, and a pacifier are all things you probably have on hand.


Pull off this sweet strawberry costume in no time. All you need is a long-sleeved red onesie, green hat, and felt. If you’re itching for an even craftier challenge, check out these slightly more complex (but still onesie-based) costumes by Morgan at Charleston Craft.

Loofah Baby Halloween Costume

Bath time is the best time! With just tulle, rope, and a needle and thread, Home of the Harvey’s shows how to make a baby loofah costume in less than an hour while only spending $8. Be sure to size up the onesie for this easy DIY.

Lifeguard Baby Halloween Costume

baby Halloween costume

Our friends at Primary, who make our favorite baby bodysuits, have shared a bunch of clever costume ideas and simple instructions on how to make them. We love this cute lifeguard baby costume (pictured above)and its quick, no-sew directions. Here are some of our other faves:

Find LOTS more Halloween costume inspiration and DIY instructions at

Pillsbury Doughboy

Here’s a poppin’ fresh idea the whole neighborhood will love. All you need for this DIY Pillsbury doughboy costume is a long-sleeved white onesie, white pants, and a chef’s hat. Then, use any piece of white fabric to make a simple scarf, print the Pillsbury logo, and glue it onto your little one’s hat. Baking skills not included!

Ketchup Bottle

Complete this adorable baby costume in no time with a red premium Onesie bodysuit, white peel-and-stick felt, stick-on letters, a green ribbon, and fabric glue. Looking for another costume for a sibling or friend? Relish the spirit of Halloween with a coordinating costume using a green onesie to make everyone’s favorite pickled condiment.

Baby Deer

This darling deer costume keeps your little fawn comfy and your workload light. Whether you choose to DIY your antlers or make it extra easy and purchase a headband from Little Bug’s Pretties via Etsy, this Halloween inspo from El Paso blogger Jeannie is hard to resist.

Where’s Waldo

In a chilly climate, you’ll appreciate the hat on this easy-to-identify baby Halloween costume. All you’ll need is a red-and-white-striped onesie (or cover a white onesie with red felt strips) and red-and-white fleece for the hat. Add jeans and round glasses (if you can’t find any, search for Harry Potter glasses at online retailers), and you’re all set. Make It & Love It has the tutorial.

Pac-Man Baby Halloween Costume


Calling all gamers! Start with a black onesie and glue on cut-out felt pieces of Pac-Man and dots (or order the perfect patches from JohnShopHj on Etsy!). In more of an add-to-cart mood? Pick up this cute onesie from SunshineDriveShop for a mommy-and-me costume where baby is the ghost to your Pac.

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