Say My Name: Make Your Own Fake Birth Certificate

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Almost every kid has wished for a new name at some point. Whether their name has an unfortunately but uncanny rhyme with a bodily function, or they just simply don’t FEEL like an Owen, littles love to assert their independence by trying on different identities. Take this imaginative play game to 11 by helping them create their very own “updated” birth certificate. Make sure to honor it by calling them “Super Hulk Elsa Elmo” all through dinner.


Pick a Printable 
There are plenty of templates online for customized birth certificates (that are fun enough that you don’t have to worry about a visit from the FBI). Let your child choose the theme he or she wants, from spaceships to trains to flowers.

handprint_paintPhoto: Felicito Rustique Jr. via Flickr

Make it Official with a Fingerprint
Nothing says official business like a fingerprint. Using an ink pad or even a little tempura paint smeared on a plate, have them add a thumbprint or hand print to the certificate. Want to add even more pomp and circumstance to the ceremony? Watch this video on how forensics technicians take fingerprints at the station, so ensure it’s legit.

pretend_dress_upPhoto: Todd Dailey via Flickr

Hold a Naming Ceremony
Seal the deal with a naming ceremony. There are a million ways you and your newly monikered kiddo can celebrate, and a simple little ceremony will do the trick. Have them dress in an outfit of their choosing, write a name poem and then you read it aloud in a special location.

Any more ideas for a fun identity change? Tell us in the comments below! 

–Erin Feher