When it comes to D-I-Y projects with your kidlet, you’re more like D-I-not-so-much. But with these super cute, teeny tiny crafts, you can build fabu furniture with the best of them. Whether you use these pieces to celebrate fancy mouse day, mix them in with your already existing dollhouse furniture, or use them to furnish Emmet’s swanky LEGO apartment, you and your crew will have a blast making each one. Read on to find out how.

photo: Little Irish House’s Facebook

1. Fabricate a posh bed using an empty Altoid tin and felt or fabric scraps to make it cozy. Simply glue a comfy lining to the bottom of the box to keep your critters warm to start. Then stuff a sweet hand-sewn pillow with cotton balls or batting. Finish it off with a fabric scrap turned blanket perfect for tucking in your tiny friend. The best part? Your mini me can close it up and take it anywhere his little heart desires for instant playtime.

photo: Allison Sutcliffe

2. Build a dresser that really stacks up. A package of matchboxes, a glue gun and your favorite patterned scrapbooking paper is all you need to make this pint-sized staple. Empty the boxes before gluing three on top of each other. When they’ve dried cover the whole shebang with stylish paper. Your sidekick will totally dig the working drawers that can be filled with petit treasures.

photo: Allison Sutcliffe 

3. Light up the room with this for-decoration only standing lamp. We turned the mini-est cupcake liners you can find upside down, and then balanced them on a toothpick, using a dab of play dough to hold everything in place. Fashion the bottom out of an egg carton or even mold a round base using clay. It’s almost too easy!

photo: Allison Sutcliffe

4. Make a seat for your fancy friend using three supplies you’re sure to have on hand: craft sticks, an egg carton and a bottle cap. Start by painting the egg carton and craft sticks to match your mouse’s house décor. Then glue them together once they’ve dried. Finish it off with a bottle cap turned cushion, so tiny friends know just where to make themselves at home.

Do you plan to make any of these tiny furniture ideas? Have you already? Share your experience in a comment below.

—Allison Sutcliffe

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