October is here, and we’re officially in the spooky spirit! That means there’s no better time to round up the gang, hit Play on your favorite Halloween movie, and create one (or all!) of these kid-friendly DIY Halloween decorations! These start-from-almost-scratch projects are excellent for getting their creative juices flowing, and DIY Halloween decorations give your little ones a chance to feel included in some not-too-scary activities! You can even let them rock their Halloween costumes while they’re crafting for a little pre-trick-or-treating practice. (We think combining some ready-made decor with DIY Halloween decorations is going to make your house frighteningly festive!)

pumpkin lantern scratch art kit box
Fat Brain Toys

DIY Pumpkin Lantern Scratch Art Kit


Even if they're a bit too young for pumpkin carving, this pumpkin lantern kit gives them the same jack-o-lantern joy! Decorate this darling lantern with pre-traced scratch art, and add the flameless LED candle on the inside to finish your glowing creation!


Halloween Luminaries


Everything you need to create these Halloween luminaries is included in this kit! Use tissue paper in Halloween colors, glitter glue, stickers, and more to craft little jar luminaries that come to life with flameless LED candles! You'll want to display these this year and beyond.


Haunted House 3D Craft Kit


Your mini monsters will be enthralled with this haunted house kit! It uses primarily soft materials like foam and pom-poms, and the shapes and stickers allow them to customize their creepy casa just the way they want. When it's lights out, it lights up with glow-in-the-dark accents!

a book cover featuring crafts
Barnes & Noble

A Book of Ghoulish Halloween Crafts


We love letting our bigger kids take charge of their own fun, and this book of DIY Halloween projects is designed to let them do just that! Clearly-written and including materials lists and safety tips, this book will quickly become a holiday go-to every Halloween season!

three boxes stacked in a pyramid

STEM Halloween Bundle 3 Pack


We couldn’t pick just one! This set of 3 STEM Halloween projects allows your young scientists to build and decorate a bubbling cauldron, make their jack-o-lantern spill over with a combination of citric acid and baking soda, then get handy and conduct eerie experiments with static electricity!

black and white pumpkin candy dish with small paint pots

Pumpkin Candy Dish Paint Kit


Smiley instead of scary, this cheerful pumpkin and his candy corn friend are ready for little ones to add their own touch with included paints! Once it's dry, fill it with their favorite wrapped candy and let them show it off.


Pumpkin Lamp Diamond Art Kit


This jazzed-up jack-o-lantern uses the idea of paint-by-numbers to guide young artists as they add individual "diamonds" to this fully functional lamp. The lamp holds the corresponding number or symbol for each diamond color included, so they'll know exactly what to do next. A placement pen and tweezers allow for smooth application and they'll never know they're honing their fine motor skills!


Pumpkin Suncatcher Painting Kit


The days may be getting shorter, but there's still sun to catch! Shed some light on your Halloween celebrations with this kit that includes everything pint-sized Picassos need to create a masterpiece!

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