We Need This LEGO Vacuum Like Whoa

If you have even one LEGO set at home, chances are you have the very painful first-hand experience of the agony of stepping on one. Oh those pointy little bricks, that somehow manage to camouflage themselves on your rug despite being candy-colored. Fear not, for a new DIY LEGO vacuum is here to save your feet.

This LEGO vacuum isn’t just good for the sole—it’s also a helpful way to clean up when play time is over for your mini master builders. Using the suction of a regular vacuum, the hose picks up LEGO bricks from the ground and deposits them into a storage container for instant clean up.

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If you’re hoping to score one of these incredible devices in a store, you’re out of luck. Despite the fact that many parents would pay an arm and a leg (or at least a sore foot) for one of these, LEGO isn’t selling these. This ingenious DIY contraption was created by YouTuber The King of Random.

If you happen to be somewhat handy, you can follow the instructions on the YouTube video and make a LEGO vacuum of your very own. But LEGO, if you’re watching—you could have a pretty lucrative new product on your hands that parents would be more than happy to fork over fistfuls of cash to buy!

—Shahrzad Warkentin

Featured photo: The King of Random via YouTube


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