Study Finds Parents Are Going Out of Their Way to Do *This* During the Pandemic

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During this time we are all staying safe at home, parents are getting creative when it comes to finding “me” time. A study from DoorDash recently discovered that moms and dads are using meal times as a means for escaping the house––and we totally get it.

The survey found that 20 percent of parents admitted to ordering takeout for the purpose of getting alone time and taking a break from home. Not only that, but they are ordering more takeout than ever before.

photo: William Krause via Unsplash

It’s no surprise that the survey found that 56 percent of customers admitted to ordering more during the pandemic, many of which are bound to be parents who just can’t stand another night in the kitchen. Not only are customers placing more orders to avoid cooking, but to also support local businesses during this challenging time.

Recognizing the upward trend, DoorDash has made the pickup process even more efficient by adding a new pickup feature which not only makes the process safer, but minimizes wait time at restaurants, too. Users can to opt-in to share their location while the DoorDash app is running, and as they approach the restaurant, merchants will be alerted they arrive so their order is ready.

––Karly Wood



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