4 Reasons to Love “DreamWorks Dragons Rescue Riders”

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Some days, it feels like everyone around you can do something special but you—especially when you’re a kid. Now imagine being a Viking kid growing up with winged reptiles as your family. You don’t fly. You can’t spit fire. Your tail doesn’t shoot shards of bone when you get angry. What’s a Viking kid to do?

This fall, Netflix will bring the heat to the small screen with the release of DreamWorks Dragons Rescue Riders, an exciting tale of two kids and their winged, scaly pals who know that the coolest way to impress others is by helping them. Keep reading to find out why it’s a must-see during family screen time.

The Scoop:
In DreamWorks Dragons Rescue Riders, Viking twins Dak and Leyla—rescued and raised among dragons who teach them to speak the dragon language—have super powers of their own. They use teamwork, friendship, and problem-solving to help others, just like their dragon family did to help them. And we all can agree that firepower doesn’t hold a candle to friendship power. Here are a few reasons we can’t wait for this new show, which debuts on Netflix Sep. 27.

1. The show is familiar but new. Viking twins and their flight of four young flamethrowers exhibit ways to help others through acts of selflessness and bravery in a faraway corner of the Viking and dragon world where fans of How to Train Your Dragon movies have never yet visited. Dragons Rescue Riders is familiar, but new characters mean entirely fresh interactions and challenges, especially with the twins’ unique ability to communicate with dragons.

2. The show is about nice people (and dragons) doing good things. In each episode, the twins and their Rescue Riders embark on a mission to pay forward the kindness of the dragons that raised them and rescue other dragons—who are often just learning how to use their powers—along with people, sheep, and any other creature that finds themselves in danger’s path. This is a show that will fire up a belief in the power of friendship, teamwork and collaboration to overcome differences and help one another out.

3. The show is exciting, funny and easy to experience together. The show is intended for younger kids, but no matter the age or stage of your Dragons fan, Dragons Rescue Riders offers the right mix of creativity and credibility that viewers expect from DreamWorks. Don’t be surprised if your couch isn’t crammed with the whole family when you have Dragons Rescue Riders on.

4. The show will introduce new dragon friends. If your kid is ready to befriend a few new dragon pals, this show will make her day. New and endearing characters include Winger, the most powerful dragon of the crew, Summer who can swim as fast as other dragons can fly, fun-loving Cutter, Burple who is the lovable purple dragon with four stomachs and Aggro, quite possibly the smartest of all the dragons, but also a bit of a hothead. Your kids will soon be familiar with all the lovable quirks of this fun group.

Super powers are cool, and DreamWorks Dragons Rescue Riders gives parents a chance to have them with the touch of a remote control button. Tune in to watch all 13 episodes of DreamWorks Dragons Rescue Riders first season, exclusively available on Netflix on September 27th.

—Shelley Massey

All photos courtesy of DreamWorks Animation