Drew Barrymore’s Powerful Instagram Series about Parenting Is So Necessary

Raise your hand if you’re guilty of curating the most positive moments captured on film for your social media feeds. You’re not alone and Drew Barrymore’s #TheWayItLooksToUs hashtag seeks to change the way we depict parenthood, one IG feed at a time.

In a recent video post on Instagram, the actress shared a moment when she showed up to her daughter’s school feeling less like a “proper mom” and how she immediately started to beat herself up. In response, she launched what she calls a “social media experiment” where she has since shared several moments comparing the picture perfect parent to reality.

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photo: Drew Barrymore via Instagram 

Barrymore reaches out to parents in her video: ” I invite you in to present the way it’s supposed to look to you, and the way it really is. I’m going to present the same thing right back.” Since the post on Dec. 19, Barrymore has shared five posts that reveal much of the actresses personal life, struggles and joy of parenting.

The first post in her experiment? Letting her kids get dirty and play with powdered sugar—because sometimes the memories are more important than the cleanup:

As a working mom and successful actress, Drew is often made up to the nines—but there are plenty of un-made-up ugly cry moments, too:

Likewise, there’s a lot celeb moms have to do to look “perfect,” especially with industry pressure to drop the baby weight—and fast. Here’s what it really looks like for Barrymore:


Even relationships and co-parenting were fair game in Barrymore’s confessional social media experiment. She writes, “Will and I continue to marvel at what we made and try to be the best co parents we can be.” Barrymore and Will Kopelman were married from 2012 to 2016 and have two children together.


Her final post circles back to the powdered sugar playtime with her daughter: “Sometimes what seems like the biggest mess can be your greatest memory.”


The #TheWayItLooksToUs hashtag has also garnered more than 1,000 tags from fellow parents chiming in to break down the walls of perfection in honor of real, raw photos about parenting. Slow clap for Drew Barrymore for sparking an important and totally necessary conversation on social media.

––Karly Wood

Feature photo: Drew Barrymore via Instagram



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