Drew Barrymore wants to meet somebody the old-fashioned way. The actress, who has two daughters—Olive, 9, and Frankie, 7—with ex-husband Will Kopelman, talked to Jimmy Fallon on The Tonight Show about a Zoom date that she went on. She had the cast of Queer Eye do a makeover for her and then she taped an actual, live Zoom date. “Turns out it wasn’t as weird as it seems,” but despite being the new normal, “I still want to meet someone the old-fashioned way.”

The self-proclaimed maximalist has decided to make 2022 the year that “I’m really aware of everything I’m learning.” And so she took her awareness about dating and decided to do something about it. “I walked up to a guy in a park and I was like “are you single?” … And I asked “are you gay, because I also always bark up the wrong tree?” And we got to talking and had such a good laugh and had a lovely talk.” Sounds great, but there was one catch: she found out he was 28.

“So I just said ‘thank you so much, that was so fun, and we didn’t bother with the obligatory exchange of numbers.’ It was the most positive experience.” She took stock of how she felt about dating virtually, navigating apps and interacting in a very counterfeit environment and went out and met a real, live human man.

Turns out, listening to your inner voice and acting on what you learn about yourself can be really rewarding—even if you don’t meet Mr. Right (or Mr. Right Age). “Was it dating apps that stopped us from going up to people and asking them out? Now we don’t have to worry about public rejection? We can just hide behind an app. Forget it. I want to talk to people IRL.”


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