Nestlé’s Drumsticks Bring Holiday Happiness with Peppermint & Chocolate Flavors

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Fans of Nestlé’s Drumsticks have a limited-edition flavor to add to their list of holiday goodies. Even though the tasty ice cream dream is a summertime staple, Nestlé’s Peppermint, Peppermint Fudge and Chocolate Peppermint trio is the perfect alternative to the soon-to-be cavalcade of Christmas cookies.

While the Peppermint Drumsticks aren’t exactly new, they tend to only make a freezer section appearance around the holidays. Like other limit-edition fave flavors, these chocolatey peppermint cones only stick around for a short time.

So where can you pick up a pack of Peppermint Drumsticks? Given that the holidays are a few months away, you won’t find these popping up in every grocery or retail location.

Instagrammer @tmc_reviews found a box of these sweet treats in a Walmart and, according to Nestlé’s website, the Limited-Edition Peppermint line is available online from Amazon, Instacart, Target and other select retailers.

—Erica Loop

Featured photo: Amazon



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