34 Ways to Decorate Your Easter Eggs without Dye

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Looking for a dye-free way to color your Easter eggs this year? We’ve combed the web to find genius, non-smelly (aka no vinegar) Easter egg coloring ideas, and we found a bunch of unique ways to decorate. Using everything from tissue paper and Cool whip to tempera paint and sprinkles, some are still messy (these are kids we’re dealing with, after all), and some are more like Easter crafts—and they’re all super fun. Scroll down to get inspired. 

Brush Pens

Create faux watercolor eggs by using brush pens, a little water and a lot of imagination! These less-messy decorative ideas from Color Made Happy bypasses traditional dyes and lets your littles create one-of-a-kind works of art.

Cool Whip Eggs

These dyed eggs use fluffy Cool Whip and food coloring to create an edible and kid-friendly craft. Simply swirl small amounts of food coloring into a tray of the whipped topping and roll eggs! Get all the details on this dye-free activity over at Boulder Locavore.


Forget the stinky vinegar and color your eggs with Kool-Aid this year! Totally the Bomb shows how easy it is with a packet of delicious-smelling Kool-Aid and water. Try not to eat them right away!

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Flowered Eggs

A little bit of paint, a tiny paintbrush and a steady hand are what you'll need for this creative decorating idea. Five dabs of paint make one cheerful flower, and your kids can combine colors or make all the flowers the same. 

Gumball Eggs

Grab permanent markers and construction paper to make these unique eggs from A Joyful Riot. There’s even a template provided, so it’s super easy to pull these off. To get all the details, click here.

Eggy Ninjas

Check out these adorable ninja eggs from Ohoh Blog—they’re sure to be a hit with kids of all ages. You’ll just need some paint, toothpicks and a ribbon. Click here to see the instructions.

Confetti Eggs

Have a confetti party with this festive idea from Brit + Co. Kids can pick out their favorite colors of tissue paper, then brush the confetti on the eggs with a layer of Mod Podge. Sticky, but so worth it! Get the instructions by clicking here.

No Dye Tie Dye

We love these vibrant eggs from A Little Pinch of Perfect. You’ll be amazed at how easy they are to make with items you definitely have in the house. Find out how they’re made by clicking here.

Monsieur Egg

For the minimalistic types, these understated eggs from MomDot are a win. Topped off with a pair of googly eyes, you can make one of these little guys in minutes flat. Click here to learn more.

Sweet Sprinkles

Covered in sprinkles, these eggs from Studio DIY are adorable. It might get a little messy, but it’s well worth the effort. Click here to get the instructions.

Bedazzled Beauties

Adorn this year’s eggs with a little bling. Paper & Stitch used sparkling jewels and gems to create fun shapes and patterns in a variety of shimmering hues. Visit Momtastic for the how-to.

Wild Watercolors

The perfect project for even the youngest artist, we love these pastel eggs from A Pumpkin and a Princess. Whether you prefer a marbled look, ombré gradation or a tie-dye effect (minus the dye), there’s no wrong way to decorate with watercolors. Find materials and inspiration here.

Gold Decoupage

Sugar and Charm struck gold with this beautiful egg décor idea. Using delicate gold leaf, the project requires some patience, but the results are definitely worth the effort. Click here for the how-to and more inspiration.

Napkin-Dyed Eggs

If you’ve got colorful paper napkins left over from your last party, now’s the perfect time to put them to use. Mom Spark has step-by-step instructions on how to craft these vibrant eggs. Click here to check them out.

Bunny Ears

With soft, pipe cleaner ears and sweet hand-drawn faces, these adorable rabbits are perfect for getting your little bunny ready for Easter. Consider dressing up these simple eggs by adding googly eyes or a pompom tail. Easy enough to make with your preschooler, learn how over at The Nerd’s Wife.

Alphabet Eggs

Artzy Creations personalized Easter eggs for each member of the family using letter stickers and multi-colored permanent markers. Grab an assortment of Sharpies in your favorite hues and head over to the blog to see how to make monogrammed eggs for your brood. If you’re feeling ambitious, challenge the kids to spell out their full name or initials!

Emoji Eggs

If no text message is complete without a yellow face to express your every thought and feeling, then you’ll love the Emoji Easter eggs designed by Studio DIY. From winks to grimaces, check out the steps for recreating your favorite emoticon, and express yourself with eggs this Easter.

Whimsical Eggs

A crown made from baby’s breath adds a whimsical touch to these charming eggs crafted by Flax & Twine. Make them your own by adding different colorful buds to the crown or personalizing with sweet faces. Find the tutorial here.

Thumbprint Eggs

We give these adorable eggs two thumbs up. Edible Life in YYC had her little artists lend a few fingers to create these cute bunny faces.

Temporary Tats

Temporary tattoos give the illusion of a hand-painted masterpiece, but we promise these awesome eggs only look time-consuming. Made in just minutes, they can feature anything from bugs to ballerinas or your kids' favorite superhero. The sky is the limit! Check out the how-to at Brit + Co.

Washi Tape Eggs

What can't you create with washi? We are totally inspired by these gems from Lovely Indeed. Parents can cut the tape into different shapes, and tots can stick the pieces in whatever design they dream up. Get all the details over at Lovely Indeed.

Use Chalkboard Paint

A quick coat of chalkboard paint transforms eggs into a canvas for little ones to decorate and redecorate to their heart's content. We love Oleander + Palm's simple but genius idea; click here to get the scoop on how it's done.

Chicken Eggs

Keep things super simple (and super cute!) with this fun idea from Ginger Snap Crafts. Your budding artists will love drawing the chick faces onto their eggs. Click here to get all the details.

Crayon Eggs

Use up those stubby bits of crayon by making these genius eggs from The Nerd's Wife. The heat from freshly boiled eggs melts the crayons into awesome abstract designs. Get the full instructions on how to make these fuss-free beauties by jumping over to The Nerd's Wife.

Glittery Eggs

Razzle dazzle just about everyone with these sparkly eggs from Lil' Luna. Kids will get a kick out of making the squiggly designs with glue and following up with glitter on top. Grab the complete instructions for these gems over at Lil' Luna.

Perfect Pastels

Grab paint in springy colors to create vibrant eggs like these adorable ones from Paper & Stitch. Artsy kiddos will love channeling their inner Monet to make an Easter masterpiece. We love how this project works for white and brown eggs alike. Click here for the full tutorial.

Au Natural

Get inspired by Kaley Ann's simple but sophisticated design that lets natural brown eggs shine. Use a non-toxic white paint pen to draw all sorts of doodles on the eggs—the sky's the limit. For the full instructions, click here.

Pressed Flower Eggs

You'll need to plan ahead (about two weeks) for this one, but the vibrant colors and totally unique take on Easter decor are worth the extra effort. Want to know what you'll need to re-create this clever idea? Head over to The Magic Onions for the low-down.


Little builders will get a kick out of this idea from It’s Always Autumn. It’s a totally mess-free method that creates adorable eggs. To grab the instructions, click here.

Tea-Dyed Eggs

You don’t need neon food coloring to make wow-worthy eggs. Get inspired by Yummy Mummy Kitchen to loot your pantry for natural dyes. Find out all the details by clicking here.

Tissue Paper Eggs

For a similar look to traditional dyed eggs without the crazy mess, try this cool idea from Aunt Peaches. The tissue paper turns the eggs into a rainbow of vibrant colors—it'll make your Easter table pop. To see the full tutorial, click here.

Mustache Men

For little hipsters (or anyone with a sense of humor), you can't go wrong with By Wilma's impossibly cute mustache men. Since these are a little more detailed, parents can take the reins on the details of the faces, while kids can go to town decorating the men's shirts. To see how it's done, click here.


DIY Mermaid Eggs

These adorable mermaid scale eggs are the perfect magical touch to an under the sea themed Easter basket. Jennifer Perkins describes how to get this effect with some craft paint and a sponge brush, and we're ready to try it ourselves. See the step by step instructions here.

Watercolor Eggs

Channel your inner artist and grab an egg (or two) as your canvas! These super simple eggs only require watercolor paints to get their beautiful pastel hues. Check out Squirrelly Minds for the complete how-to



—Lauren Hill, Susie Foresman & Karly Wood



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