13 Must-See Easter Movies the Whole Family Will Love

Hop is one of the best Easter movies for kids Universal Studios

Get ready for a visit from the Easter Bunny with these fun family movies

Hop into spring with these Easter movies that are perfect for kids. From Easter Parade to The Dog Who Saved Easter—and everything in between—put these stories on your movie night bucket list, stat. You’ll find these Easter movies on Disney+, Netflix, and more of your fave streaming choices. Keep reading for our favorite Easter movies for kids that are sure to delight your Flopsy, Mopsy, and Peter Cottontails.


Hop may just give the adults in the room a case of the jitters, but the movie is cute enough—and who doesn’t love Russell Brand, after all—that we can get beyond the main coming-of-age theme (Really, don’t give them any ideas about growing up, and maybe it just won’t happen, right?). This animated flick is about the relationship between the Easter Bunny and his adult(ish) son who moves to Hollywood to pursue his dream of being a rock star.

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Recommended for ages 5 & older
Universal Pictures, 2011
Common Sense Media Review: Hop
Rated PG

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Easter Parade

Loaded with great Irving Berlin songs, this 1948 musical is wholesome, straightforward, and entertaining. Known as “The Happiest Musical Ever Made,” you and the kiddos will be tap-dancing your way to your nearest Easter parade with high expectations.

Recommended for ages 6 & up
MGM/UA, 1948
Common Sense Media Review: Easter Parade
Not rated

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Bugs Bunny Easter Funnies

Looking for a classic comedy with an Easter theme? Look no further. These cartoons are strung together and are united by what you’d most likely expect—a set of bunny ears and plenty of slapstick humor.

Recommended for ages 5 & up
Warner Home Video, 2010
Common Sense Media Review: Bugs Bunny Easter Funnies
Not rated

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The First Easter Rabbit

For a non-religious story about Easter, this animated musical tale will remind you of classics like Frosty the Snowman and Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer. But get ready—after watching this Easter movie for kids, your littles will be code red for dying eggs and frolicking in the grass.

Recommended for ages 3 & up
Warner Home Video, 2010
Common Sense Media Review: The First Easter Rabbit
Not rated

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Wallace & Gromit: Curse of the Were-Rabbit

When Wallace’s attempt to re-program rabbits to NOT eat the town’s veggies goes terribly wrong, the iconic duo is faced with an ever bigger challenge—dealing with a were-rabbit. Parents should be warned that there are somewhat scary scenes of a cute rabbit transformation ala werewolf style, and like classic horror movies (think Frankenstein) the townspeople hunt the monster with guns. Overall, a fun movie for older kids.

Recommended for ages 7 & up
Dreamworks, 2005
Common Sense Media Review: Wallace & Gromit: Curse of the Were-Rabbit
Rated G

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Peter Rabbit

Peter Rabbit is like an Easter movie for kids
Sony Pictures


While this version of Peter Rabbit may be a bit edgier and more action-packed than the stories you remember from the classic Beatrix Potter books, you’ll still find Old Mr. McGregor, Peter, and all the animals on the McGregor farm. But don’t expect a peaceable kingdom—life’s tough if you’re on the run, and Peter relies on his street smarts to survive. And if you haven’t seen Peter Rabbit 2, this might be the perfect opportunity for a double feature!

Recommended for ages 7 & older
Columbia Pictures, Sony Pictures Animation, 2012
Common Sense Media Review: Peter Rabbit
Rated PG

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The Dog Who Saved Easter

If you’ve fallen in love with retriever Zeus in any of the previous Dog movies, you won’t be disappointed in The Dog Who Saved Easter. Expect plenty of humor, a lot of cuteness, and a touch of puppy love (for humans and dogs, alike) in this Easter movie for kids.

Recommended for ages 6 & up
Digital Filmz International, 2014
Common Sense Media Review: The Dog Who Saved Easter
Rated PG

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Here Comes Peter Cottontail

This Rankin-Bass classic is perfect for preschoolers not already disdainful of low-tech special effects and jerky stop-action animation. If your kiddos can see past the lack of flashy animation, they’re in for a wholesome treat.

Recommended for ages 4 & up
Classic Media, 1971
Common Sense Media Review: Here Comes Peter Cottontail
Not rated

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Yogi the Easter Bear

You can expect all of Yogi’s usual antics, like stealing picnic baskets and wreaking havoc on the Easter Jamboree at Jellystone, in this classic Hannah-Barbera holiday hit.

Recommended for all ages
Hannah-Barbera, 1994
Common Sense Media Review: None
Not rated

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Zootopia isn't an Easter movie for kids, but the star is a bunny rabbit
Walt Disney Studios


While this isn’t an obvious Easter-themed movie, it does feature a pretty strong rabbit lead. This fast-paced tale tells the story of police rabbit Judy Hopps who is determined to see her investigation through, no matter what. The message of courage, tolerance, and teamwork comes through tons of memorable characters and lots of laughs.

Recommended for ages 8 & up
Disney, 2016
Common Sense Media Review: Zootopia
Rated PG

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Who Framed Roger Rabbit

Ok. This is decidedly NOT an Easter movie, but if you’re looking for something heavy on entertainment as well as rabbits, this is your jam. Combining live-action and animation, Roger Rabbit is a detective story with hilarious twists and double crosses.

Recommended for ages 12 & up
Touchstone Pictures, 1988
Common Sense Media Review: Who Framed Roger Rabbit?
Rated PG

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The Velveteen Rabbit

While this classic story takes place during Christmas, the central characters are bunnies, and you can’t beat the sweetness of this story. Based on the book by Margery Williams about a soft rabbit—and his buddies—that comes to life—it is a story about an only child finding a world of imagination, where love makes you who you are.

Recommended for ages 5 & up
Family1 Films, 2009
Common Sense Media Review: The Velveteen Rabbit
Rated G

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Winnie the Pooh: Springtime with Roo

What happens when Rabbit decides to replace Easter with Spring Cleaning Day? His pals from the Hundred Acre Wood—led by little Roo—come to the rescue and help Rabbit to see the error of his ways, of course!

Recommended for ages 4 & up
Walt Disney Pictures, 2005
Common Sense Media Review: Winnie the Pooh: Springtime with Roo
Rated G

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—Shelley Massey with additional reporting by Taylor Clifton




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