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After a long winter, bike season has arrived, but don’t settle for the same old ride. Get your kiddos in gear with these super cool (and surprisingly easy) ways to trick out their bicycles and tricycles with serious flash without a ton of cash. Scroll down to get inspired.

Skunk Boy Blog

Tape the Frame

Who knew that everyone's favorite fix-it material could also be used for a majorly cool bike makeover? You can forget standard industrial duct tape, because these days, it's a snap to find pretty nifty patterns and colors that any kid will dig. The actual makeover process is as easy as it sounds, and you can get the whole sticky scoop at Skunkboy Blog.

Green & Gorgeous

Make Your Own Streamers

Ah, don't you just love when a craft looks cool, but is oh-so-easy to create? That's the deal with these handlebar streamers, which can be whipped up in just a few minutes using a hair tie and ribbon. Customize the colors for your kid and you're ready to roll! Get the uber easy how-to over at Green & Gorgeous. And while you're there, get inspired by tricking out the spokes, too.


Add a Basket

Order a cute basket from Amazon and give your kiddo a place to hold her treasures or to bring a stuffie along for the ride! Snag one here. 

Dan via Instructables

Decorate the Spokes

Talk about wheely cool bike style! We're loving how this idea is part pinwheel, part optical illusion. You can get as creative and colorful as you want, and use different kinds of paper, tape, and even shiny materials. For all the info you need, head to this Instructables page.

Idle Wife

Add a Painted Bike Bell

Ring ring! We're pretty sure the only thing better than a cheerful bike bell is one that's been painted and personalized for your little rider. All you need is paint, and maybe an artistic kid or two. Learn more at Idle Wife, and order a bike bell here



Jana Eubank

Make a Name Plate

Does your mini cyclist have a license to drive? This cute sign is not only a great way to personalize a bike—it'll also keep track of which wheels are yours when there's a group ride. You can use your kid's name, or even create a funny vanity plate: SPD RCR, anyone? Get inspired over at Jana Eubank.


Makedo via Instructables

Give It a Costume

We can't get over how cool this idea is—or how perfect it is for any kid who pretends his bike is a trusty steed. And not to worry, cowpokes, this is actually easier to pull off than you might think. Start gathering cardboard, practice your horse sketching, and you're halfway there. For the full handy instructions, gallop on over to Makedo's Instructables page.


Add LED Wheel Lights

How much fun are these LED lights? Easy to install and battery operated, you and your crew will be the star of the sunset community ride. Buy them here

Pink Stripey Socks

Add a Friend to the Front

This piggy bike basket is over-the-top cute and doesn't require any huffing or puffing to make, either. Materials include cardboard, paint, and a few other things you probably have around the house. For the complete instructions, hit up Pink Stripey Socks.


—Abigail Matsumoto

Featured image: iStock 



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