Research has long suggested that family dinners are important for many reasons. While finding the time to sit down together feels like the most difficult part, sparking meaningful conversations can be a challenge, too. Luckily, there are tons of conversation packs that are chock full of entertaining activities and thought-provoking questions that can all be done at the dinner table. Keep scrolling to see some of our favorites, and let the good (dinner) times roll.

Family Conversation Cards

Boon Supply

These oversized cards are the perfect addition to any meal time. Designed in bright colors, the simple prompts are great for families with kids of any age. The 100-card pack also comes in a reusable canvas pouch for easy storage.

Available at, $26

KIC-Start: Kids in Conversation


Break the ice at get-togethers or just spawn some honest conversation with KIC-Start: Kids in Conversation. The 150-card game comes with a range of mixed age-appropriate questions that are equal parts funny and thought-provoking. Take on a car trip or to the dinner table––there's no wrong way to kick start the conversation with this game.

Ages: 13 and up

Order on Amazon ($19.95)

Feminist Flashcards


With beautifully illustrated images, Feminist Flashcards is going to be the talk of your dinner table. The 40-card set is packed with endless learning opportunities, from letter sounds, women's history, hidden pictures and inspiring quotes. Each card starts with a single letter to represent an empowering feminist, along with her story told in an age-appropriate way. In addition, each pack comes with a 32-page booklet that discusses the timeline of women's rights all over the world.

Order on Amazon (14.99).

The Original Dinner Games


Dinner's never been so fun! The Original Dinner Games is here to bring over 50 engaging games to the table, with no board game required. Families will not only have fun, but kids will practice critical thinking, math and social skills, too!

Ages: 6 to 12

You can order now this version for 6-12 year olds ($15.99) or one for beginners ages 3-6 on Amazon ($11.39).



Perfect for dinnertime conversation, time with grandparents or a long car ride, Personalogy is all about discovering all there is to know about your fam. With 125 silly and entertaining questions, there's no end to the funny answers you'll hear from your kids.

Ages: 6 and up

Find it on Amazon ($9.60).

Blume Conversation Cards

These dynamic cards aim to offer sex education and self-care for tweens and teens. Kids will learn not only the right to know their bodies, but how they work and how to take care of them. Use this physical deck of easy and educational conversation prompts, to make those "awkward" conversations with your kiddos less awkward and more empowering. Trust us, you'll learn a thing or two yourself. 

This deck includes 152 cards covering topics like: Puberty, Body Science, Consent, Healthy Relationships, Body Positivity, and Self Care.

Available at, $38

Our Moments

Our Moments

Our Moments is a new line of card games created to spark those face-to-face conversations, whether you're in a coffee shop or around the dinner table, with prompts that are relatable and engaging. Great for all ages, they have multiple editions including Generations, Families, Kids & Couples.  

Choose from a variety of Our Moments Editions: Generations, Families, Kids, Couples. $18.95.

Available at:, $18.95

––Karly Wood & Amber Guetebier



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