10 Holiday Paper Crafts You Can Do This Afternoon

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Are you looking for some holiday paper crafts to carry your crew through the pre-holiday season? These easy ideas will keep the kids busy when it’s too cold to play outside, and as a bonus, you can use your little artist’s paper craft to decorate the house or as handmade holiday cards. Scroll down and get ready to get crafty.

Paper Poinsettias

Instead of spending on the real deal on the red and green leaves of a holiday flower only to see it fade away, help your child make a paper version that'll last year after year. Start with red and green cardstock paper, drawing a cloud-like spiral form with a pencil. Cut along the lines, fold the paper and follow these directions to make pretty poinsettias. 

Hanukkah Bunting

Paper plus paint plus prints equal this fabulously festive bunting from Creative Jewish Mom. Hang this Hanukkah homemade decor during your eight-night celebration or send your child's cute creation to family and friends as a sweet holiday gift. 

Hanukkah Handmade Gift Wrap

Homemade gift wrap is sooooooo welcome at this time of the year. Your always-crating kid can make their own paper to cover presents with this easy how-to from Tori Avey

Pop-Up Stocking

What better way to use your child's pics than as part of a creative craft? Forget about keeping your child's precious photos on a cloud somewhere. Print them out and follow The Soccer Mom Blog's step-by-step instructions to make this picture-perfect pop-up!

Recycled Wreath

Instead of those messy pine needle wreaths, make a mock version. Come on, you know that those super-sharp needles end up everywhere—and this wreath is super soft because it's made from a recycled phone book! Your kiddo may not know what the yellow pages are, but they'll have plenty of artsy fun cutting it apart. Find the full instructions at scrumdillydilly

Paper Snowman

Are you looking for a holiday paper craft that doesn't go overboard on a Christmas theme? These sweet snowmen are easy for kiddos to create and perfect as non-religious holiday cards. Get the full how-to from Fireflies and Mud Pies

Make-Believe Menorah

Paper art doesn't always have to start at the craft store. Chances are you have plenty of reusable paper sources at home. Before buying brand new supplies, take a look around the house. Upcycle cardboard (it's paper too) tubes, turning each one into an artsy candle for a make-believe menorah. Add finger paints and tissue paper to make this cute craft complete. 

Mini Christmas Letter Ornament

Your child can magically transform a piece of paper into ornament awesomeness. Okay, okay, so technically they aren't 'magically transforming' the piece of paper. Instead, they can follow Mama.Papa.Bubba's instructions and learn how to make these adorable little letters. 

Dreidel Gift Box

Up your kiddo's artsy recycling game with this paper takeout container project. Whether you use washed and dried upcycled containers or new ones (you can buy new foldable takeout boxes at most craft stores), all your child needs is a cardboard tube, some tissue, paper, glue and glitter paint to create these handmade gift boxes

Holiday Card Bookmarks

Recycle last year's holiday cards, turning them into this year's crafty presents! Follow the directions from Hands On As We Grow and learn how to make these artfully amazing bookmarks. Keep a few of your kiddo's creations for yourself or give them out as holiday gifts. 

—Erica Loop

Feature photo: Sigmund via Unsplash


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