New Year’s Eve Confetti Poppers You Can Make with the Kids

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Ring in New Year’s Eve with a festive craft for kids that’s as easy as it is fun. Using basic art supplies (and leftover holiday trimmings), you can help your little party people pop it like it’s hot when it’s time for the 10…9…8…! Read on to find out exactly what you’ll need to create confetti poppers at home.

You’ll Need

Paper Rolls (toilet or towel, whichever you have on hand)

Construction Paper and/or wrapping paper in festive colors


Ribbon (regular and curling)



Hole Punch (if you don’t have one handy, just cut up the paper)

Scotch Tape

Hot Glue or Elmer’s Glue

Jewels (optional)


Step One: Create Confetti

Using the hole punch (or scissors) create paper confetti using construction paper and leftover holiday wrapping paper in festive colors.


Step Two: Decorate the Popper

Using markers, have your handy helpers decorate their roll. Little doodlers can go festive with stars and fireworks, write fun New Year’s Eve-themed words, or even draw pictures. It's all about creativity!

Step Three: Cut the Balloon

Tie a knot in the balloon, in the same spot you would if it was full of air. Then, using the scissors, carefully cut off the top of the balloon. Note: If you cut the balloon too close to the knot, there’s won’t be enough at the bottom to lay over the end of the paper roll.

Step Four: Create the Popper

Place the cut balloon on one end of the decorated roll and secure, using the tape. Cut lengths of regular ribbon, and using either hot glue or Elmer’s glue (if using Elmer’s, you’ll have to wait until it’s dry to continue) line the popper where the tape and balloon meet the roll. Once this is complete, cut pieces of curling ribbon and tie around the knot of the balloon.

Optional Step: Fasten jewels to the thick piece of ribbon using glue. Hot or regular glue will do the trick.


Step Five: Pop the Poppers!

After all the crafty work, let your party people do some poppin’. Fill the open end of the tube with the confetti, pull down on the balloon knot and release! The confetti will explode everywhere, so be prepared for giggles.  You can refill over and over for more New Year’s Eve fun.



— Copy and Images by Gabby Cullen



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