Coming up with New Year’s Eve party ideas is a lot easier than you think

Whether you stay up until midnight (or 9 EST) to watch the ball drop or decide to do a Noon Year’s Eve thing, you can still host a memorable New Year’s Eve Party for kids. From easy appetizers to creating their own countdown and making confetti poppers, there are dozens of ways to make the last day of the year one they’ll never forget. We’ve got the best New Year’s Eve party ideas perfect for celebrating at home.

1. Plan Your Menu

New Year's Eve party ideas and food

Let the kids help with the party planning by whipping up a few appetizers made with just three ingredients (or less). From a creamy dip to the best breadsticks ever, there's something for even the pickiest of eaters. If you want something a little more sophisticated, but don't have a lot of time, try our favorite apps that come together in 30 minutes or less. Want to make it even more simple? Check out our favorite appetizers you can find at Trader Joe's. 

2. Hold a Mock Countdown

Throwing confetti is a classic New Years Eve party idea
Lotte Meijer via Unsplash

If your kids won’t make it to midnight, why not host a mock countdown before bedtime? There are dozens of videos available online where they can watch the ball drop (even if it’s last year!) and if you shout “Happy New Year” before the clock strikes 12, it will still be a stand-out celebration for them!


3. Play the Pajama Game

Gail Adams-Arnold

Another good New Year's Eve party idea is to host a good, old-fashioned pajama party with friends or just your family! Pile the living room high with sleeping bags, pillows, and blankets (props if you opt for a fort!), wear your coziest PJs, and camp out to watch the ball drop and the new year begin.

4. Dress to the Nines

dressing up is a fun New Year's Eve party idea

If a PJ party won't do the trick, host a formal affair in honor of the new year and let your littles don old dresses, jackets, gloves, bow ties, boas, and the like. Serve sparkling cider in fancy flutes, petite appetizers, and of course, a New Year’s cake!

5. Have a Cookie Encounter

baking cookies is a fun kids new year's eve party idea

Break out the sugar and flour and let your kids pick their favorite cookie recipe to bake. If you want to try something different this year, check out our favorite holiday cookie recipes


6. Drop the Ball Already

Using balloons is a fun New Year's Eve party idea
Kristin Eldridge for Modern Parents Messy Kids

Why watch the big event on TV when you can host your own? Create your own sparkling ball with a balloon or even piñata and lower it at midnight (or at any time of day if your littles can't stay up that late!). Your kids will love counting down in your own home—and bonus if the piñata ball drops prizes or treats!

7. Make It Glow

summer bucket list ideas
Anton Darius via Unsplash

You wouldn’t believe the amount of glow stick apparel out there! There is everything from necklaces to bracelets and glasses, and they all make a serious statement in the dark or in the backyard when you’re ringing in the new year. Check out our other glowingly good ideas here



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8. Make Some Noise

party poppers are one of the best New Year's Eve party ideas
Gabby Cullen

Poppers, pots and pans, confetti-filled balloons, you name it! Put together DIY noise-making machines to set off at midnight (or 8 PM, we won't tell!). These DIY Easy Confetti Poppers made from toilet paper rolls and construction paper are the perfect New Year's Eve party idea for younger kids. 

9. Wig Out!

Ronny Sison via Unsplash

Whether it's just you and the kids or if you're having a gathering, make a trip to the party store to pick out a wig for the big event! Kids will love taking on a new look for the night.

10. Make a Custom Countdown

using balloons for a countdown is a fun New Year's eve party idea
Kenny Eliason via Unsplash

Blow up several balloons with the hours left until the new year written on them (IE. Five Hours to Go, Four Hours to Go) and let your kids take turns popping them as each hour passes.

11. Toast with Toast

Damon Oliveira via Unsplash

When the clock strikes 12, we'll be toasting our bubbly flutes, so let the kids join in and put a spin on things! Pour sparkling cider for the petite partiers and get ready to toast—with toast! Let your kids nibble on their favorite toasts, everything from peanut butter and jelly to Nutella or even cheese! They'll have fun putting together these easy snacks and raising a slice to the new year!

12. Ring the Bell

Paging Supermom

A fun and noisy craft for kids, these New Year’s bells from Paging Supermomare pure genius. Pick up silver bells, golden yarn, and cool wrapping paper, and your party guests will be jingle-jangling in no time.

13. Toot Your Own (Edible) Horn

Cooking with My Kid

Your revelers will most definitely be tooting their own horns if they're edible! Only a little messy and way tasty, these tasty treats create a real sound machine when you nibble off the end of the cone.

14. Make a Wish

No Time for Flashcards

Drum up a little luck for the New Year. Kiddos will love the thumping sounds made by this clever craft. What’s it gonna take to make one? Glitter glue, stamp paint, star, and letter stickers. Don't forget to make a wish. Find out more from No Time for Flashcards.

15. Say Cheese!

Kelly Aiglon

Capture the moment with a DIY photo booth. This is where all those silly wigs and fancy dresses will have their chance to shine! 

16. Toss the Confetti!

tossing confetti is a fun New Year's Eve party idea for kids

One of our favorite New Year's Eve party ideas is to make your own confetti to toss when it is time to celebrate! Cut whatever paper you'd like into strips, then cut the strips into squares. Of course, tossing confetti makes a mess, but the kids will love using those paper squares to make art collages later on.


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