Spelling High Style: 15 Ways to Bring Learning Into the Bedroom

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If you’re not an expert designer, decorating your kid’s room with fun, but educational decor is no easy task these days. Instead of taking the short cut and slapping a few posters on the wall, take a peek at these awesome room decor ideas from duvet covers you can draw on to a magnetic locker that teaches the ABC’s. With these cool designs and products that inspire learning and creativity, your kiddo may just never leave her room.

1. Map Wall Art – Market Maps
For the future traveler, why not bring the world to them? Using large maps as wallpaper you get an educational and visually pleasing space.
IMG_4615Online: Market Maps

2. Draw-On Duvet Cover – Not on the High Street
Get your doodle on…on the bed? Yep. Your kiddo’s canvas is now almost as big as their imagination. And the washable ink allows them to use over and over again.duvet cover

Online: Not on the High Street
Cost: $72.77

3. Chalkboard Walls – Southern Exposure / Bright Nest
Now no one ends up in time out for drawing on the walls. Here are instructions on how to make your own chalkboard paint and brilliant ideas of where to use it. For an extra dose of awesome we love that our friend at Southern Exposure (photo below) made her kiddo’s playroom wall magnetic by painting the wall with a coat of magnetic primer.


Online: Southern Exposure / Bright Nest

4. Puzzle Rug – Contra Forma
A cool cross between rug and jigsaw puzzle–and you have a hand in designing it. This super cool company lets you choose your puzzle piece colors to match your decor.

puzzle rugOnline: Contra Forma
Cost: 77.50 EU

5. Moving Story Picture – Akotales
This one doubles as an educational toy and a decoration. Totally handmade by the shop owner of the Etsy store Akotales, the little car moves to tell a story. Hang it low so little hands can interact with it.


Online: Akotales via Etsy
Cost: $20.00

6. Locker and Magnets- The Shelving Store / Twelve One Designs
School’s always in session with this storage solution. Mount a locker to the wall for storing art supplies, books, and games. Pair with some magnetic letters and the locker also acts as another surface to learn and play with.magnetic letters

Online: The Shelving Store / Twelve One Designs via Etsy
Cost: Locker $119.95 / Magnetic Letters $15.00

7. Very Hungry Caterpillar Decals – Fun to See
Are your kiddos hungry for some learning? This decal set brings the beautiful art from the favorite children’s book to life and teaches them to count.hungry caterpillar

Online: Fun to See
Cost: $45.00

8. Mirror with Doors – IKEA
It’s a game of peekaboo for one. Mirrors help young children develop self recognition and the mesh pockets in the doors hold toys, supplies, and treasures.mirror doors

Online: IKEA
Cost: $19.99

9. Dry Erase Wall – Brit + Co.
If you don’t want to change your wall color, but still want to draw on them without repercussion, try this! Use clear dry erase paint and invest in a ton of colorful markers. Here are some easy instructionsdry erase wall

Online: Brit + Co. 

10. Dresserz Drawer Knobs – Olive Kids
Now the little ones can get dressed all by themselves. The cute pictures with labels help point your little ones who may not be reading yet in the right direction to fashion greatness. Get the knobs in a set or a la carte for Boys or Girlsknobs

Online: Olive Kids
Cost: Single knob $6.49 / Set of 2 $12.99 / Set of 6 $38.24

11. Tetris Constructible Light – New Egg
The old-school game gets a real life makeover in a table lamp with endless possibilities. Turn the light on when constructed and turn it off when ready to take apart and reassemble again.tetris

Online: New Egg
Cost: $58.99

12. Bulletin Board with Flashcards – Southern Exposure
Yet another genius idea from Rachel at Southern Exposure. For her little one’s playroom she mounted a large bulletin board on the wall with animal flashcards.


Online: Southern Exposure

13. Lacing Shoe – WoodenToyGallery via Etsy
If your kiddos are ditching the slipons or velcro shoes for real laces, they’ll want this lacing shoe to practice. This handcrafted wooden shoe will help your child’s motor skills and will keep her engaged.


Online: Wooden Toy Gallery via Etsy
Cost: $16


14. Alphabet Poster – Endemic World
Looking for a way to spice up your wall decor? Check out this alphabet poster, which boast a mix of illustrations and icons that will help your kid learn their ABC’s.


Online: EndemicWorld
Cost: $14.95

15. Personalized Lamp – mylittlelamp via Etsy
Add a personalized touch to your child’s room with this handmade lamp that features your kiddo’s name in alphabet blocks.


Online: mylittlelamp via Etsy
Cost: $49.95

How will you deck your kiddo’s brainy bedroom?