Deck Out Your Playroom with These Wooden Toys from Etsy

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There’s so much about wooden toys that we love: they blend in with grown-up décor so easily and literally last forever (hello, resale value!). Etsy has all of our top picks for wooden toys like the versatile Pikler triangle, too-cute play kitchens, Montessori toys, personalized gifts and more. Consider this your wooden toy shopping list.

Pikler Triangle

If you don't have a Pikler triangle in your home, you need to get on it. Not only are these all the rage for indoor climbing for little ones, but they have a high resale value when you are ready to pass them on. 

Get yours here, $169.96. 

Inclusive Wooden Peg Dolls

We love this option for your Montessori-inspire playroom. These wooden peg dolls are hand painted in rainbow colors with different skin tones, encouraging open-ended play.

Get yours here, $66.54. 

photo: Etsy

Fairy Tree House

We love all the details on this wooden fairy treehouse that will soon be the most-play-with item in your playroom.

Get yours here, $118.55. 

photo: Etsy

Large Waldorf Natural Rocker

You'll love this multi-use piece for your home as it is functional and aesthetically pleasing at the same time. Kids can rock on one side and then flip it over for a climber/tunnel. 

Buy yours here, $161.40. 

photo: Etsy

Wooden Grasshopper Puzzle

This little guy will look so adorable on your bookshelf and the kids will love putting it together again and again. 

Get yours here, $34.99. 

photo: Etsy

Wooden Play Gym

Keep your baby busy with this fun play gym that has five hanging toys just within reach. 

Buy yours here, $37. 

photo: Etsy

Personalized Grimm's Rainbow Stacker

This Maple, Cherry and Walnut nesting arch set is fun and engaging for caregivers and their young children. You can even have it personalized!

Get yours here, $55. 

Dusty Green Play Kitchen with Oven

We are totally enamored by this handcrafted play kitchen with oven, cupboard, cooktop, sink, water tap and drawer. You little one will want to bake a cake in thanks for this gift and you'll love that the dusty green color blends in with your aesthetic. The seller can also customize a kitchen to your specifications and offers other colors like dusty pink and natural wood. 

Get yours here, $447.20. 

Find all our favorite play kitchens here

Wobble Board

You'll love all the ways the kids will play with this balance board and climber. It comes in a natural wood finish or rainbow! 

Get yours here, $49.

photo: Etsy

Mandala Loose Parts Kit

Kids can learn shapes, colors, counting, sequencing and more with this colorful kit. 

Get yours here, $38.99. 

photo: Etsy

Personalized Wooden Camera

Get your little one's name carved into their very own wooden camera. What photos will they want to take? 

Get yours here, $19.95. 

Name Train

Isn't this just the perfect first birthday gift? Get your child's name in this personalized train that includes a steam engine, caboose and personalized name letter cars. 

Get yours here, $35.55. 

Wooden Heart Stacker

This Montessori toy will be one that the kids will use over and over. And how cute will it be on your bookshelf?

Get yours here, $44.

photo: Etsy

Personalized Toy Truck

This little wooden truck is great for toddler birthday gifts as it's the perfect keepsake. 

Get yours here, $21+. 

Very Hungry Caterpillar Lacing Toy

Lacing toys are great for working on fine motor skills and sequencing. You'll especially love this one that is everyone's favorite Very Hungry Caterpillar themed! 

Get yours here, $25. 

photo: Etsy

Grasshopper Pull Toy

Your tiny person will love pulling this grasshopper around your house and seeing how the legs move up and down as they go!

Get yours here, $32. 

—Kate Loweth


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