10 Face Painting Ideas That Are Totally Doable


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With Halloween around the corner, your little ones may still be deciding … dragon or dinosaur? Moana or Maui? Too many trolls to choose! With the transformative power of face paint, a last minute mind change will never mean you have a costume to return. We rounded up easy ways to trick out your Halloween and keep imaginations spinning all year long. Keep reading to see them all.

photo: Clare Jeffery via Flickr

1. Keep their eyes on the prize.
Whether your trick-or-treater wants to be a wizard or a witch, an eye mask always completes the makeover. You can find a slew of eye inspiration here, or design your own fun shape and embellishments for a truly unique look.

photo: Donnie Ray Jones via Flickr

2. Try out a prowl.
Does it get any easier than a set of whiskers? We don’t think so. And really, they’re all your shy cat or fierce lion needs to play the part. Any black eyeliner will do the trick. In fact, look no further than mom’s makeup bag for tons of fun ways to use everyday makeup as face paint.

photo: Lynne Bailey via Flickr

3. Color inside the lines.
If freestyling is leaving you uninspired, invest in a stencil set like this one from Create A Face for dozens of great ideas. With plenty of options on hand, these can be reused for birthday parties or rainy-day dress-up down the road. And don’t forget about arms and legs—you can stencil on temporary tattoos too!

photo: clappstar via Flickr

4. Face off with a friend.
A partner in candy crime can double the fun. For any full-coverage commitment, be sure to go with natural, non-toxic paints like these from Elegant Minerals. In general, check that any face paint you buy is water-soluble and free of lead, nickel, chromium, or any other skin allergens—the only Halloween heavy metal we’re interested in is of the musical variety.

photo: Nathan Rupert via Flickr

5. Go abstract.
Bold colors and swooping lines are a simple way to pull off a strong, dramatic, and one-of-a-kind look. And if you only need a handful of colors, Go Green Face Paint’s organic, stackable kit packs in plenty o’ paint to get the job done.

photo: Becky Baran

6. Add a little lip.
Nothing is cuter than when your pup starts talking like a toddler. If you want to make the mouth a key part of the animal fun, again ensure safety by going with food-based ingredients. It will take a little extra prep work, but you’ll save a lot of time worrying! This recipe by Mommypotamus largely consists of cornstarch, flour, honey, water, and natural food dye.

photo: Diana Beato via Flickr

7. Bling out.
If you have a kid who will jump for gems, they are a perfect way to add that little extra pizazz. Mama Clown’s assorted self-adhesives make it easier than ever to bedazzle your design. Try adding a necklace or forehead hat or crown to complete the look.

photo: James Kim via Flickr

8. Get in the hot seat.
Why not take the first spin? Your Halloween artists may come up with ideas they never would have thought of without brushes in their own hands. If you’re in need of the right tool for the job, check out Silly Farm’s extensive assortment of supplies.

photo: Jessie Bailey via Flickr

9. Remember a ‘stache.
Second to whiskers, little is easier than adding a mustache. Consider going multi-colored to kick things up a notch. Extra points if you make use of eyebrow real estate! Dress Up America’s Face & Body Crayons will give you extra control with color and are another great option for kids to use themselves.

photo: USAG- Humphreys via Flickr

10. Cheek to cheek … and sweet.
Less can truly be more. Give everyone you trick or treat a reason to smile with something as simple as a rainbow, heart, or peace sign. The Klutz Face Painting Craft Kit has several step-by-step cheek designs to pull off that most classic look of all.



Plan to face paint this Halloween? Share your ideas in the Comments below!

—Jennifer Massoni Pardini

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